HaloLink™ Protein Array Systems Technical Manual

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Literature # TM310

The HaloLink™ Protein Array Systems provide a new way to create custom protein arrays by combining innovative HaloTag® technology, surface engineering and cell-free protein expression systems. The HaloTag® protein is a mutated hydrolase that forms a covalent bond with HaloTag® ligands. Under physiological conditions binding is rapid and highly specific, yielding a complex that is stable even under stringent conditions. Using the HaloLink™ Protein Array Systems, HaloTag® fusion proteins are expressed in a cell-free expression system and then captured on hydrogel-coated glass slides. The fusion proteins are captured directly from the expression reaction mixture without prior purification. Using this approach, multiple fusion proteins can be rapidly synthesized and immobilized in parallel on the slide surface, and a complete experiment including protein expression, custom array formation, and protein interaction analysis can be completed in less than eight hours.

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