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If you plan to design your own CRISPR-enabled workflow to study endogenous proteins using HiBiT tagging, you don't have to go it alone. Take advantage of our in-depth experience to make sure you get the results you need.

Summary of the CRISPR DIY Process

  1. Design and order your guide RNA, donor DNA and Cas9. 
  2. Obtain rights to synthesize the HiBiT tag.
  3. Work with an oligo provider to obtain the required materials.
  4. Perform the gene-editing step to add the HiBiT tag to the target of interest.
  5. Assay the cell pool or move forward with clone isolation.
DIY CRISPR process

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CRISPR DIY Resources


A Practical Guide to CRISPR-Mediated Gene Tagging with a Bioluminescent Peptide

Learn about a simple and efficient method for CRISPR-mediated HiBiT tagging that requires no molecular cloning steps, taking you from gene editing to assaying endogenous biology in as little as 24 hours.

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Protocol for Adding a HiBiT Tag to an Endogenous Gene Using CRISPR

An illustrated step-by-step procedure for clone-free CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to insert the HiBiT tag into an endogenous locus.

Read Protocol


Studying Endogenous Protein Dynamics with CRISPR-Mediated Tagging: Understanding Your Options

A comprehensive discussion of methods for knock-in of protein tags, and results of assays to measure endogenous protein function.

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