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Nuclear Receptor Analysis Luciferase Vectors

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Nuclear receptor analysis can be performed with traditional means using a minimal promoter vector with nuclear receptor response elements upstream. Alternatively, you can use viral elements like the mouse mammary tumor virus long terminal repeat promoter to judge androgen or glucocorticoid responses (e.g., pGL4.36). In many cases, use of these methods requires a cell line with the appropriate endogenous nuclear receptors, meaning you may need different cell lines for each nuclear receptor study. A method using the principles of the yeast two-hybrid system was adapted for nuclear receptor work. The...

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pGL4.36[luc2P/MMTV/Hygro] Vector

- E1360 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pFN26A (BIND) hRluc-neo Flexi® Vector

- E1380 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pBIND-ERα Vector

- E1390 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pBIND-GR Vector

- E1581 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.35[luc2P/9XGAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector

- E1370 $ 395.00 Add to cart

GloResponse™ 9XGAL4UAS-luc2P HEK293 Cell Line

2 vials
- E8530 $ 11,638.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGL4.36[luc2P/MMTV/Hygro] Vector Accession Number FJ773214; pGL4.36[luc2P/MMTV/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pFN26A (BIND) hRluc-neo Flexi® Vector Accession Number GQ229578; pFN26A (BIND) hRluc-neo Flexi® Vector sequence text file.
pBIND-ERα Vector Accession Number GQ229579; pBIND-ERα Vector sequence text file.
pBIND-GR Vector Accession Number GQ229580; pBIND-GR Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.35[luc2P/9XGAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector Accession Number GQ229577; pGL4.35[luc2P/9XGAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

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