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Reporter Vectors and Cell Lines

Find optimized reporter vectors and luciferase reporter genes to easily detect minute cellular changes. Choose among firefly, NanoLuc® and Renilla luciferases, GFP and dual-reporter coincidence vectors. Also find cell lines stably expressing firefly luciferase.

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Luciferase Reporter Vectors and Cell Lines Available for Sale by Quote

Pre-built NanoLuc®, firefly and Renilla reporter constructs for studying signaling pathways and creating NanoLuc® fusion proteins.

Coincidence Reporter Vectors

Four vectors with and without promoters that express both firefly and NanoLuc® luciferases from the same transcript for identifying false hits during screening.

N1461, N1471, N1481, N1491

Control NanoLuc® Reporter Vector with Hygromycin Selection

The pNL3.2.CMV Vector is used as a negative control for measuring changes in NanoLuc® luciferase (NlucP) expression levels.


NanoLuc® Stability Sensors for Cell Signaling

Vector systems that fuse two key signaling proteins, HIF1A and NRF2, to NanoLuc® luciferase to study the fusion protein stability.

N1381, N1391

pNLF1 NanoLuc® Protein Fusion Vectors

Three MCS-based protein fusion vectors that express N- or C-terminal fusions with NanoLuc® luciferase or an N-terminal secreted NanoLuc® reporter.

N1351, N1361, N1371

pFN31 and pFC32 NanoLuc® Protein Fusion Flexi® Vectors

Four protein fusion Flexi® cloning vectors for generating N- or C-terminal fusions of NanoLuc® luciferase with your protein of interest.

N1311, N1321, N1331, N1341

Cytokine Signaling Pathway Analysis Firefly Luciferase Vectors

Four vectors containing response elements (ISRE, SIE, SBE or STAT5RE) that are used to explore cytokine signaling pathways.

E4041, E3671, E4651, E4141

Stress Signaling Pathway Analysis Firefly Luciferase Vectors

Seven vectors containing different response elements used to explore cellular stress-driven signaling pathways.

E3641, E3651, E3661, E4131, E3751, E4001, E4121

Promoter-Driven Control NanoLuc® Luciferase Vectors

Three NanoLuc® reporter vectors with CMV, PGK or TK promoter. Co-transfect with firefly luciferase vectors for normalization in dual-reporter assays.

N1441, N1501, N1091

Promoterless NanoLuc® Reporter Vectors with Hygromycin Selection

Two NanoLuc® luciferase vectors used for cloning putative promoters and code for proteins with different half lives; has hygromycin resistance.

N1061, N1071

Minimal Promoter-Driven NanoLuc® Reporter Vectors

Two vectors that offer a minimal promoter for cloning response elements of interest to express NanoLuc® luciferase.

N1031, N1041

Secreted NanoLuc® Reporter Vectors

Four vectors with a secreted NanoLuc® luciferase and various promoter configurations for expression in mammalian cells.

N1021, N1051, N1081, N1101

Promoterless NanoLuc® Reporter Basic Vectors

Two reporter vectors that are used for cloning putative promoter regions to express the NanoLuc® luciferase with different half lives.

N1001, N1011

NanoLuc® Reporter Vector with NF-κB Response Element

The pNL3.2.NF-κB-RE[NlucP/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector is used to assess the cellular response to Nuclear Factor κB.


GloResponse™ NF-κB-RE-luc2P HEK293 Cell Line

Luciferase reporter cell line for analyzing cellular responses resulting in modulation of NF-κB activities.


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