NanoBRET™ Technology for Protein Interactions

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Study Protein Interaction Dynamics in Natural Cellular Context

The new BRET-based protein:protein interaction (PPI) assay uses NanoLuc® Luciferase as the BRET energy donor and HaloTag® protein, labeled with the NanoBRET™ 618 fluorophore, as the energy acceptor to measure the interaction of specific protein pairs. NanoBRET™ technology has been optimized for improved spectral overlap, increased signal, and lower background compared to conventional BRET assays providing a reproducible method for monitoring and screening protein interactions in live cells.

Study induction and inhibition of protein interactions in real time using full length proteins expressed at physiologically relevant levels, creating PPI assays that allow you to assess true cellular protein targets.

Read more about NanoBRET™ technology in Machleidt et al., 2015:
A Novel BRET Platform for the Analysis of Protein–Protein Interactions 

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Protein Interaction Assay Options

NanoBRET™ PPI Assays are available in a variety of formats to suit your specific needs:

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Choose from a large selection of optimized NanoBRET™ assays for many key protein:protein interactions—including epigenetic assays to study bromodomain/histone interactions in the context of native chromatin. Assays are available by direct order from our catalog or by custom order.

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Vectors to create your own NanoLuc® and HaloTag® fusion proteins plus reagents and controls to get started.

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Example NanoBRET™ Protein Interaction Assay Data

Measure Interaction and Disruption of Protein Interactions. Dose-dependent inhibition of BRD4 protein interaction with Histone H3.3 by JQ1 as measured by the decrease in the NanoBRET™ signal.