Protein Purification and Interactions

Protein Purification and Interactions Categories

HaloTag® Protein Purification

A highly efficient platform for covalent capture of proteins and complexes from mammalian cells and E. coli, resulting in higher yields, purity and activity.

GST Protein Purification

Complete, easy-to-use systems for purification or pull-down of GST-tagged proteins.

Magnetic Systems for Purification of Antibodies and Affinity-Tagged Proteins

Rapid, simple and robot-friendly protein purification and pull-down beads and systems for your manual and automated purification needs.

Protein Interactions

NanoBiT® complementation reporter for protein interactions, prebuilt and do-it-yourself BRET-based assays, protein pulldown systems, and HaloCHIP™--the fast alternative to chromatin immunoprecipitation.

Polyhistidine His-Tag Protein Purification

High-capacity, affordable metal-affinity reagents for capture of His-tagged proteins. Manual and automated protein purification systems.

Biotin-Avidin Protein Purification Systems

Products for purification of biotinylated proteins using an optimized avidin resin under gentle, non-denaturing conditions.

Batch Protein Purification

Superior non-magnetic resins and systems for affinity protein purification and pull-downs.