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Study proteins under endogenous regulation. It's efficient and sensitive ... and easy to do in your lab. Learn more.

Target Deconvolution for Early-Phase Drug Discovery

Identify Interacting Proteins for Your Target Compound

Identify Targets of Your Compound using Our Live-Cell-Based Service

  • Supply your target compound; Promega and MSBioworks will identify the interacting protein partners
  • Find even low-abundance and low-affinity proteins
  • Learn about the enriched proteins captured from your cell line of interest

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This product is discontinued
Target Deconvolution for Early-Phase Drug Discovery
With our expertise in biology and target capture, we have teamed up with MS Bioworks with their expertise in proteomics to help accelerate the target deconvolution process. The service we offer is based on a new live-cell target identification method that overcomes key challenges of other live-cell and lysate-based approaches.
MS Bioworks Mass Spec Services

How the Service Works:

Target ID provide compound

You provide the target compound.

Modify compound for target ID

The target compound is modified to include a chloroalkane ligand.

Chloroalkane ligand binds irreversibly and specifically to HaloTag® Protein.

Verify modified compound for target ID

Control experiments verify the modified compound:

• Produces the desired phenotype in a cell-based assay
• Is cell-permeable
• Binds to the HaloTag® Protein


Proteins that interact with the compound are captured in pull-down assays.

Cells treated with modified target compound

Cells are treated with the modified compound or a no-compound control.

Interacting proteins captures from lysed cells for target ID

Cells are lysed and interacting proteins captured using HaloTag® Resin.

Elute enriched interacting proteins for target ID

Interacting proteins are eluted using parental compound.


Interacting partners are identified by mass spectrometry.

Target Deconvolution enriched proteins report

Proteins are digested and identified.

Receive report of protein partners of target compound

You receive a full report of enriched proteins that interact with the small molecule in your cell line of interest.

Accurate Target Identification

Precisely identify proteins that interact with target compounds using HaloTag® technology—a comprehensive platform for functional protein analysis. This protein technology rapidly captures interacting proteins from live cells and features:

  • Potency and permeability of tagged small molecules remains unchanged when captured using a novel chloroalkane tag.
  • Protein targets are captured in live cells, ensuring relevancy of results when interactions occur under conditions relevant to the desired cellular phenotype.
  • Enrichment method allows capture of low-abundance and low-affinity targets through efficient capture of the chloroalkane-tagged compound onto immobilized HaloTag® Protein.

Read more about the HaloTag® protein capture technology in the paper "Deciphering the cellular targets of bioactive compounds using a chloroalkane capture tag." Ohana, R.F., et al. (2015) ACS Chem. Biol. 10, 2316–24.

ACS Chemical Biology Deciphering Cellular Targets Using Chloroalkane Capture Tag

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