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T7 Sample System

Optimize Gene Expression by Testing Multiple In Vitro Translation Systems

  • Try 4 different systems to find what works best with your gene of interest
  • Quality control-tested reagents ensure the highest level of transcription/translation


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T7 Sample System
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$ 164.00
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Compare 4 Systems to Optimize Your Gene Expression

The T7 Sample System facilitates the optimization of individual gene expression by providing four unique in vitro translation systems to evaluate. The system consists of samples of: TnT® T7 Quick for PCR DNA, TnT® T7 Quick Coupled Transcription/Translation System, TnT® Coupled Wheat Germ Extract System and E. coli T7 S30 Extract System for Circular DNA.

All of the coupled systems utilize RNA generated by a T7 phage promoter. Criteria such as post-translational modifications, ionic optimization and detection methods (i.e., non-isotopic) should be considered when choosing an in vitro system. In some cases only direct experimental results will confirm which system is best for specific genes.


What's in the box?

Item Part # SizeConcentrationAvailable Separately

T7/S30 Extract for Circular DNA

L114A 1 × 150μl


L118A 1 × 50μl1mM

TnT® Wheat Germ Extract

L411A 1 × 200μl

Amino Acid Mixture, Complete

L446A 1 × 175μl1mM View Product

TnT® Reaction Buffer

L462A 1 × 90μl

Luciferase T7 Control DNA

L482A 1 × 5μg0.5μg/μl

S30 Premix without Amino Acids

L512A 1 × 750μl

TnT® T7 Wheat Germ Polymerase

L516A 1 × 60μl

TnT® T7 Quick Master Mix

L520A 1 × 200μl

TnT® T7 PCR Quick Master Mix

L554A 1 × 200μl

Amino Acid Mixture Minus Methionine

L996B 1 × 175μl1mM View Product

Nuclease-Free Water

P119A 1 × 1,250μl View Product


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