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pF12A RM Flexi® Vector

Regulated Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells

  • Compatible with both Regulated Mammalian Expression and Flexi® Vector Cloning Systems
  • Designed for capture of protein-coding sequences intended for controlled protein expression


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pF12A RM Flexi® Vector
$ 351.00
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The pF12A RM Flexi® Vector is part of the Flexi® Vector System and a component of the Regulated Mammalian Expression System. High levels of expression can be achieved upon induction with coumermycin. All Flexi® vectors carry the lethal barnase gene, which is replaced by the DNA fragment of interest and acts as a positive selection for successful ligation of the insert. This vector provides ampicillin resistance in E. coli.


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pF12A RM Flexi® Vector

C943A 1 × 20μg


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U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,293,503, 9,018,014 and 8,367,403, European Pat. No. 1685247 and other patents and patents pending.

Patent Pending.

For research use only. Persons wishing to use this product or its derivatives in other fields of use, including without limitation, commercial sale, diagnostics or therapeutics, should contact Promega Corporation for licensing information.

Licensed from National Research Council of Canada.

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