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Anti-Luciferase pAb

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Antibody That Recognizes Photinus pyralis Firefly Luciferase

  • Goat polyclonal IgG generated using 61kDa recombinant luciferase from North American firefly (Photinus pyralis)
  • Specific for firefly luciferase (Photinus pyralis); antibody does not cross-react with sea pansy (Renilla reniformis) luciferase
  • Antibody provided at 1mg/ml in PBS containing 50μg/ml gentamicin


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Anti-Luciferase pAb
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Anti-Luciferase pAb is a goat polyclonal antibody designed for use in immunocytochemistry and Western blot applications. Anti-Luciferase pAb can detect luciferase enzyme expression in situ.

Applications (suggested working concentration/dilution)

  • Western blotting (1μg/ml).
  • Immunocytochemistry (1:50).

NIH/3T3 cells transiently transfected with a firefly luciferase gene. Luciferase-expressing cells were detected using the Anti-Luciferase pAb. Protocols developed and performed at Promega.


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Anti-Luciferase pAb

G745A 1 × 200μg

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