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Promega Corporation

Discover Glo! Bioluminescent Cell-based Assay Seminar Tour 2014


Thank you for joining us to hear about the latest developments and applications in cellular analysis.

You can now download selected talks from this year's tour.

2014speakerIconFeatured Speaker

Frank Fan
Frank Fan
Director of Research at Promega Corporation and Scientific Director of China Operations.
Featured Talks
Bioluminescent Cellular Reporter Technologies Featuring NanoLuc® Luciferase
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Cell Health and Mechanistic Toxicity Assays
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2014speakerIconGuest Speakers

United Kingdom

  • X-MAN™ Reporter Cell Lines: Tools to Study Endogenous Promoter Activity and Protein Dynamics
    Dr. Holly Astley
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  • New Cell-based Assays and Tools for Epigenetics, Biologics, Metabolic Markers and More....
    Dr. Craig Malcolm, Promega UK
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  • GloMax® Discover – Ideal Partnership of Assays and Reagents
    Dr. Craig Malcolm
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  • Comparison of Multiple Screening Technologies: Differences in False Positive and Negative Rates
    Dr.Claire McWhirter
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  • Optimisation and Application of the NAD/NADH-Glo™ Assay
    Mark Cockerill, CRUK Manchester Institute
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Belgium and Netherlands

  • Cell of origin and genetic context define ABT-199 sensitivity in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
    Dr. Pieter Van Vlierberghe - University Ghent
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  • Bioluminescence neuro-imaging: from adult neurogenesis in a stroke model to protein misfolding in Parkinson’s Disease
    Sarah-Ann Aelvoet - KU Leuven
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  • Targeting glioblastoma-stem cells in a model of brain cancer invasion
    Nicolas Goffart - University of Liege
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  • ABCC6 prevents ectopic mineralization seen in pseudoxanthoma elasticum by inducing cellular nucleotide release
    Dr. Koen van de Wetering, Netherlands Cancer Institute
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  • The evaluation of melanocortin receptor function and development of peptide antagonists using Glo Sensor technology
    Dr. Patric Delhanty, Erasmus Medical Center
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  • Multicolor bioluminescence imaging: expanding the potentials of cell-based assays and in vivo imaging
    Dr. Laura Mezzanotte, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
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  • GloMax® Discover! An instrument for your assays
    Dr. Harald Winteler, Promega AG, Dübendorf, Switzerland
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  • Increasing the level of BRITE adipocytes: Screen for novel active compounds
    Dr. Maria Iolyeva, Evolva SA, Reinach, Switzerland
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