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Promega Corporation

UGT-Glo™ Assay

A Bright New Way to Measure UGT Activity

  • Speed: The luminescent format eliminates the need for time-consuming analyses such as HPLC and LC/MS.
  • Simplified Method: The simple "add and read" protocol makes the assay amenable to high-throughput screening in multiwell plates.
  • Sensitive: Requires less enzyme and allows you to scale down reaction volumes which saves on reagent costs.
  • No Fluorescence Interference: The assay system eliminates fluorescence interference by using luminescence to monitor enzyme activity.
  • Low False-Positive Rate: Use of a proprietary stabilized firefly luciferase (Ultra-Glo™ Recombinant Luciferase) and a proprietary luciferase buffer formulation minimizes the incidence of false positives due to luciferase inhibition.


Conversion of UGT Multienzyme Substrate by UGT enzymes.


Flow Diagram for Preparation of the UGT-Glo Reagents.


Panel A is data generated from a panel of UGT isoforms using our UGT Multienzyme Substrate. Panel B is data on the same panel using our UGT1A4 Substrate.


The UGT-Glo™ Assay can measure the activity of known UGT substrates and inhibitors with various isoforms.

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