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Science Writing Tips and Tricks

Employers, educators, career counselors all know that excellence in written communication is a key to success in both the academic and industrial world. We have a series of articles about writing, with emphasis on science writing, which provide information about basic grammar and mechanics, the business of getting published as well as more advanced writing topics.

Articles About Writing

Accepted Without Revision
This article offers suggestions about publishing your work in a peer-reviewed journal.

Audience, Purpose and Desired Outcome
This article discusses the importance of considering your target audience, the purpose of your piece and any actions or decisions you would like your readers to make.

Do the Math
This article discusses common errors to look for when writing technical material that includes calculations or statistics.

Beware Dueling Luciferases!
This article discusses the perils of unchecked spell-check programs.

Rescue the Verb!
This article describes how to edit nominalized verbs in academic writing.

The Notorious Not-A-Verb List
This article discusses some of the nouns that are often misused as verbs in writing.

Use Words That You Understand
This article discusses the importance of using language precisely to communicate your message.

Jargon and Buzzwords
This article presents some of the "content-free, buzz-word compliant" language that makes its way into all kinds of writing, particularly promotional writing.

Rhythm and Flow in Writing
This article discusses the more advanced writing topic of achieving good rhythm and flow in writing.

Advanced Writing Strategy: Place Information So People Can Find and Remember It
This article discusses how readers read: where they expect to find old and new information and gives writers tips on organizing content to meet their readers' expectations.

Use Parallel Structure to Guide the Reader
This article describes the use of parallel structure in lists and sentences.