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Promega Corporation

Promega Product Labeling

To create global standardization and to help our customers quickly identify the information they need, we changed some aspects of our Product labeling (beginning August 1, 2011).

Label Changes

  1. Symbols: We will use harmonized symbols on product labels. You will start to see Product Information Symbols and Hazard Symbols replacing some text on reagent product labels.

    Product Information Symbols: We use the harmonized symbols recommended in EN 980 and ISO15223-1 for labeling medical devices. For consistency, we will use these symbols on all of our products, including research use only and forensic products, as well as medical devices.

    Hazard Symbols: We use hazard symbols that comply with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

    Symbol Key
  2. Storage Temperature Recommendations changed from a fixed temperature to a recommended temperature range. (e.g., –20°C is now listed as –10°C to –30°C).
  3. Expiration Date: Formatted as YYYY/MM/DD, for example 2011/12/25.
  4. Concentration may be expressed differently, for example 1µg/µl may now be reported as 1,000ng/µl.

Transition Period

You will see a mix of new and old labels as we implement these new labeling standards across our product line. In addition, you may see differences between the new labels and the Certificate of Analysis, Product Information Sheet and Technical Literature (Instructions For Use) as we go through the process of updating these documents.

Please contact Promega Technical Services if you have any questions about these labeling changes.

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