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Promega Corporation

Plexor® HY System

If there is DNA to detect, the Plexor® HY System will show it.

A single Plexor® HY assay provides consistent DNA detection down to 6.4pg. If amplifiable DNA is present Plexor® HY will quantitate it, eliminating unnecessary amplifications.

Total human DNA. Total male DNA. The power to see it all in a single assay.

The Plexor® HY System offers a combination of features no other system can match:

  • Simultaneous quantification of autosomal and Y-chromosomal DNA: Less variability, less time, more valuable data
  • Consistent and reproducible detection of 6.4pg of DNA: If you can't detect it with Plexor® HY, you can't detect it with your STR system.
  • Internal PCR control and melt-curve analysis: Guard against false negative and false positive results, allowing you to be confident in your data


Amplification curves from a dilution series of the Plexor® HY Male Genomic DNA Standard, from 50ng/µl to 3.2pg/µl.


A standard curve with the log concentration on the X axis and the cycle threshold on the Y axis. DNA standards from 50ng/µl to 3.2pg/ µl are shown as red circles, and unknown samples are shown as blue squares.

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