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GloMax®-Multi+ Microplate Multimode Reader with Instinct®

GloMax Multi Plus


Luminescence Module
(Factory Installed)

>8 Logs Dynamic Range
Dual-masking System Reduces Crosstalk
3 x 10-21 Moles Luciferase Detection or 1 x 10-18 moles ATP

To achieve the sensitivity of a dedicated luminometer, the luminescence channel is separated from other measurement technologies and positioned directly above the sample well. These conditions maximize light capture for the best possible sensitivity. In addition, a low-noise photomultiplier tube ensures that collected light is not compromised in any way. This design makes the GloMax-Multi+ Microplate Multimode Reader between 10 to 1000 times more sensitive than competing multimode luminometers. In addition to high sensitivity, the GloMax®-Multi+ boasts greater than 8 logs of dynamic range, eliminating the need to dilute samples or manage detector-driven gain changes. The photomultiplier tube automatically adjusts for the optimum reading of bright or dim samples. This means that the GloMax®-Multi+ is capable of achieving a reading range 2 - 3 logs more than that of competing multimode luminometers.

Luminescence Injector/Application Chart
Recommended Injectors Applications
2 Dual Reporter Assays
0 Steady-Glo® Luciferase Assays
1 Flash Glow Luciferase Assays
1 Cell Viability/ATP Assays
1 Kinetics Assays

Fluorescence Module
(User Installable)

Epifluorescent Detection (top reading)
Easy Optical Kit Switching
Wavelength-matched LEDs Ensure High Sensitivity

To achieve high performance, the Fluorescence Module uses powerful light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as excitation sources. LEDs have very specific light-output profiles that closely match the excitation profiles of commonly used fluorescent molecules. LED usage increases sensitivity by fully exciting the fluorophore and reducing non-specific light leakage, a common problem when using broad-spectrum light sources. Five standard optical kits are available to measure the most popular fluorophores. In addition, custom optical kits can be readily made for non-standard applications. Optical kits can be easily exchanged in seconds and built-in software ensures that the installed optical kit matches the selected protocol. Designed as a user-installable module, you can either buy the Fluorescence Module with your GloMax®-Multi+ instrument or add it to your system later when you are ready to run fluorescence experiments.

To inquire about availability of custom optical kits click here to contact us. Please, note we cannot guarantee assay performance when using custom optical kits.

Fluorescence Module Optical Kit Application Chart
Fluorescence Optical Kit Typical Applications
UV Optical Kit
Ex: 365 nm
Em: 410 - 460 nm
DNA Quantification (Hoechst dye), Enzyme Activity (4-methyl-umbelliferone)
Blue Optical Kit
Ex: 490 nm
Em: 510 - 570 nm
DNA Quantitation, RNA Quantitation, Protein Labeling (Fluorescein), Protein Quantitation, Gene Expression (EGFP, rAcGFP)
Green Optical Kit
Ex: 525 nm
Em: 580 - 640 nm
Nucleotide or Protein Labeling (Rhodamine, Cy3), Enzyme Activity (Rhodamine)
Red Optical Kit
Ex: 625 nm
Em: 660 - 720 nm
Nucleotide or Protein Labeling (Cy5), RNA Quantitation
AFC Optical Kit
Ex: 405 nm
Em: 495 - 505 nm
Cell Viability, Cytotoxicity, and Apoptosis Multiplex Assays

Absorbance Module
(User Installable)

UV-Visible or Visible Modules
Flexible Filter System
Reads Single or Dual Wavelengths

The GloMax-Multi+ Microplate Multimode Reader provides you with two different options for making photometric measurements. A Visible Absorbance Module (450 - 750 nm) or a UV-Visible Absorbance Module (200 - 1100 nm). Both modules are user installable, so there is no downtime or need for a service call.

Both the Visible and UV-Visible Absorbance Modules come factory-installed with four common filters: 450, 560, 600, and 750 nm wavelengths. The UV-Visible module also comes with a 260 and 280 nm filter. In addition, you can customize either module by inserting a filter of your choice into either of two removable filter paddles.

To inquire about availability of custom optical kits click here to contact us. Please, note we cannot guarantee assay performance when using custom optical kits.

Absorbance Module Filter Application Chart
Wavelength Applications
260 DNA and RNA Quantification
280 Protein Quantitation
450 ELISA, QuantiCleave™ Protease Assay
560 BCA™ Protein Assays
600 Bradford Protein Assays, Coomassie Blue Protein Assays, PeroXOquant™ Quantitative Peroxide Assay
750 Lowry Protein Assay


Available Detection Modes Luminescence, Fluorescence, Visible Absorbance, UV-Visible Absorbance
Read Type Glow, Flash, Kinetic, Repeat
Sample Format* 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384-well plates
Shaking** Four speeds (150, 300, 500 rpm, Variable) linear and orbital modes
Temperature Control** 2 ºC above ambient temperature to 45 ºC +/- 0.75 ºC. Order Instrument Cat #E9032
User Interface Built-in PC, touch screen navigation and operation
Data Output*** PC compatible ASCII text file format exported to USB flash drive, or connect to PC (not included) through USB or Serial Port
External PC Requirements (optional) Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7
Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Auto Shutoff Touch screen hibernates after 15 min of inactivity
Dimensions 21" D x 17.3" W x 12.83" H (53 cm D x 44 cm W x 32.6 cm H)
Weight ~35 lbs (~16 kg)
Operating Temperature 60 - 85 ºF (15 - 30 ºC)
Warranty One year parts and labor
Approvals CE
Detector Head-on photomultiplier tube (PMT) for photon counting
Spectral Range 350 - 650 nm
Peak Wavelength 420 nm
Detection Limit 3 x 10-21 moles of luciferase or 1 x 10-18 moles of ATP
Linear Dynamic Range >8 logs
Crosstalk 5 x 10-5
Number of Injectors One injector
Dispense Volume Range Selectable between 25 - 200 μl in 5 μl increments for 6 to 96-well plate formats.
Waste Tray Volume ~50 ml
Number of Injectors Two injectors
Dispense Volume Range Selectable between 25 - 200 μl in 5 μl increments for 6 to 96-well plate formats.
Waste Tray Volume ~50 ml
Light Source Wavelength-matched LED
Detector PIN-photodiode
Read Position Top reading
Wavelength Selection Snap-in Fluorescence Optical Kits
Wavelengths UV (Ex 365 nm: Em 410 - 460 nm), Blue (Ex 490 nm: Em 510 - 570 nm), Green (Ex 525 nm: Em 580 - 640 nm), Red (Ex 625 nm: Em 660 - 720 nm), AFC (Ex 405 nm, Em 495 - 505 nm)
Detection Limit 0.5 fmol/200 μl or 1 ppt of fluorescein in 96-well plate, 30 pg/well dsDNA with DNA Quantification Dye
Linear Dynamic Range 6 logs, assay dependent
Calibration** Multipoint Calibration
Read Out Relative Fluorescence units, Direct Concentration
Discrete Sample Average Sample readings averaged over 0.5 seconds to improve accuracy
Light Source LED
Detector Large-area photodiode
Spectral Range 450 - 750 nm
Wavelengths for Installed Filters 450, 560, 600, 750 nm, 2 slots for customization
Photometric Measuring Range 0 - 5.0 OD
Linear Dynamic Range 0 - 4.0 OD, assay dependent
OD Accuracy 0.01 OD ± 3% at ≤ 2.5 OD
OD Precision 0.01 OD ± 1%
Stray Light 0.002% @ 560 nm in clear bottom, black wall plate
Light Source Xenon lamp
Detector Photodiode
Spectral Range 200 - 1100 nm
Wavelengths for Installed Filters 260, 280, 450, 560, 600, 750 nm (2 slots customizable)
Photometric Measuring Range 0 - 4.0 OD
Linear Dynamic Range 0 - 3.5 OD, assay dependent
OD Accuracy 0.05 OD ± 3% at ≤ 2.5 OD
OD Precision 0.002 ± 3%
Stray Light 0.001% @ 560 nm in clear bottom, black wall plate

*The GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader uses 96-well plates only.
**Feature is not available on the GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader.
***Data Output for the GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader includes MAC compatible and .csv file format.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. GloMax is a trademark of Promega Corporation. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. For the most up-to-date specifications, visit www.promega.com.

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