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QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the price of the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

The price may vary based on your application(s) and requirements. To receive a quote customized to your needs, use our online quotation form.

What are the primary applications of the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

The primary application for the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer are nucleic acid and protein quantitation. A list of the applications include:

QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer UV/Blue Channels
DNA Quantitation Dyes, Hoechst 33258, RNA Quantitation Dye, Protein Quantitation Dye, 4-methylumbelliferone, eGFP, Fluorescein

QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer Blue/Green Channels
Nucleotide or Protein Labeling, Enzyme Activity, Rhodamine, Cy3, DNA/RNA Quantitation Dyes, eGFP, Fluorescein

dsDNA Dye System is available (Cat.# E2670) and includes all the necessary reagents to quickly set up and quantitate dsDNA using the UV/Blue channel on the QuantiFluor®-P. This system is highly specific to dsDNA as it relates to ssDNA, RNA, protein and interfering compounds and is equal in sensitivity when compared to PicoGreen®.

What is the sensitivity of the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

The QuantiFluor®-P's sensitivity is defined in terms of the minimum detection limits of dsDNA and RNA. The QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer can detect:

  Minimum Detection Limit
Analyte Using a 10 × 10mm Cuvette Using a Minicell
DNA Quantitation Dye .5ng/ml 500pg/ml
DNA - Hoechst 33258 Dye 10ng/ml 10ng/ml
RNA Quantitation Dye 1ng/ml 1ng/ml
Protein Quantitation Dye 100ng/ml 100ng/ml

What is the optical configuration of the QuantiFluor®-P Mini-Fluorometer?

The QuantiFluor®-P UV/BLUE has two dedicated optical channels.
UV: Ex 365nm, Em 440–470nm
BLUE: Ex 460nm, Em 515–575nm

The QuantiFluor®-P GREEN/BLUE has two dedicated optical channels.
GREEN: Ex 525nm, Em >570nm
BLUE: Ex 460nm, Em 515–575nm

What size sample tube/cuvette is standard with the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

The standard cuvette size for the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer is 10 × 10mm plastic cuvettes. With the optional Minicell Adapter, 75–250µl minicell vials can be used. An optional PCR Tube Adapter allows measurement of small fluorescence sample volumes (100µl minimum) in 0.5ml PCR tubes without sacrificing instrument sensitivity.

What is the Minicell Adapter?

The QuantiFluor®-P Minicell Adapter is designed to accommodate the measurement of small volume samples.

Do the sample tubes/cuvettes require minimum volumes? If so, what are they?

Sample tubes do require minimum volumes so that enough sample is exposed to the incoming light. The minimum volumes are as follows:

Cuvette/Tube Adapter Needed? Minimum Volume
10 × 10mm No 2.0ml
Minicell Cat.# E6111 75µl
PCR Tube Cat.# E6101 100µl

What kind of cuvettes should I use with the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

Methacrylate or polystyrene 10 × 10mm cuvette or 10 × 10mm adapter that is designed for fluorescence measurement is appropriate. Due to the natural fluorescence properties of polystyrene, this material is not recommended for UV applications. The following sample tubes and cuvettes are available for purchase from Promega:

10 × 10 mm Square Polystyrene Cuvette (3.5ml)
10 × 10 mm Square Methacrylate Cuvette (3.5ml)
Minicell Borosilicate Glass Cuvette (75–250m)

Can I use a quartz or glass cuvette?

The sample compartment cannot accept glass or quartz cuvettes. Glass and quartz cuvettes have a slightly different shape and will damage the sample holder and optics if inserted into the instrument.

Can I wash cuvettes and reuse them?

Cuvettes for the QuantiFluor® instruments are single-use only. We do not recommend washing and reusing cuvettes.

Does the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer have changeable optical filters?

No, the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer does not have changeable optical filters. If the optical configuration of the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer does not fit your application requirement, please see information about the GloMax®-Multi Jr Single Tube Multimode Reader.

What is the dynamic range of the QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer?

The dynamic range of the QuantiFluor® Instruments is 4 logs, assay-dependent. Dynamic range is often assay-dependent because the assay background signal may limit the lower detection limit of the fluorophore, and the fluorophore maximum intensity may limit the detection maximum of the fluorophore independent of the instrument.

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