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GloMax®-20/20 Single Tube Luminometer

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If your question is not answered in this document, we encourage you to contact us toll free at 888-636-2401 or 408-636-2400 x 119. Your question will be answered by one of our trained sales specialists.

What is the price of the GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer?

The price may vary based on your application(s) and requirements. To receive a quote customized to your needs, use our online quotation form.

What is the detection system of the GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer?

The GloMax®-20/20 has a photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector. Because of its proprietary design, this detector offers both superior sensitivity and dynamic range.

How many injectors can be installed in the GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer?

The GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer accommodates one or two automatic injectors.

When/why would I need an automatic injection system?

An automatic injection system is recommended when measuring flash luminescent reactions, and when the assay requires high precision and reproducibility. Using an automatic injection system guarantees a consistent, precise injection rate and volume that is independent of the operator's skill or precision. Also, when working with a high sample load, automatic injection will save analysis time.

What are the advantages of internal automatic injectors versus external automatic injectors?

The GloMax®-20/20 internal automatic injectors permit dark-adaptation of the injectable reagents. The reagent supply remains in a protected, dark space inside the GloMax®-20/20 during the experiment. Because many reagents are light sensitive, equilibrating the reagents to dark conditions allows for maximum reproducibility. Other luminometers rely on external automatic injectors, which draw reagents from a supply outside of the luminometer and do not protect reagents from the influence of ambient light. Internal injectors shorten the supply line length and reduce dead volume.

What types of test tubes can the GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer read?

The GloMax®-20/20 can read any clear 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes, 35 mm petri dishes, 12 x 50 mm test tubes (optional), minicell vials (optional, Fluorescence).

What operating software controls the GloMax®-20/20?

The GloMax®-20/20 has a touchscreen based Graphic User Interface (GUI). The GUI controls the instrument, reports data on the screen, and sends data to a printer or computer.

What software comes with the GloMax®-20/20?

The GloMax®-20/20 includes a PC-based Spreadsheet Interface Software. This software transfers the data directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

What operating systems are compatible with the GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software?

The GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 or higher.

Can I do kinetic measurements?

Yes, the current version of the GUI supports kinetic measurements.

Is there any other data handling functions that the GUI offers?

Yes, the GloMax®-20/20 GUI reports two RLU values and ratio of the firefly luciferase and Renilla luciferase signal for Promega's DLR assay.

Is the software compatible with Macintosh® operating systems?

The Spreadsheet Interface Software is not compatible with Macintosh Operating Systems.

What applications can I use this instrument for?

You can run all bio- and chemiluminescent, flash and glow type of applications on the GloMax®-20/20.

The primary applications are: Reporter gene assays, ATP assays, Cytotoxicity, Cell proliferation, Nucleic acid quantitation, Enzyme assays, Intracellular Ca2+.

Optional Fluorescent Applications include: Nucleic Acid Quantitation and Protein Quantitation

What is the sensitivity of the GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer?

The GloMax®-20/20 has a detection limit of 1x10-21 moles of firefly luciferase using Promega's luciferase assay reagent.

How does the sensitivity of the GloMax®-20/20 compare to other luminometers?

The sensitivity of the GloMax®-20/20 is comparable or higher than the leading competitor's instrument. The GloMax®-20/20 is also 10 times higher in sensitivity to the TD-20/20 Single Tube Luminometer.

What is the dynamic range of the GloMax®-20/20?

The GloMax®-20/20 has over 8 logs of linear dynamic range.

How does the dynamic range of the GloMax®-20/20 compare to other instruments?

Other instruments on the market usually have dynamic range of 6 logs.

What is the injection volume and precision of the GloMax®-20/20?

The injection volume is selectable between 25 and 300 µL (±5 µL); CV% > 2%.

Do I need to change anything for power requirements in different countries?

No, the GloMax®-20/20 has an internal universal power supply. Simply use the proper AC adaptor.

What is the GloMax®-20/20 Light Standard?

The Light Standard is designed to provide a quick and easy way to verify the performance of the GloMax®-20/20. It allows the user to check the reproducibility, sensitivity, and linearity of a luminometer in less than 30 seconds. The Light Standard consists of three highly stable light sources that simulate luminescence samples at three different signal levels. It can be used for both short and long term stability studies of the detection system.

What is the GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Module?

The GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Module is a snap-in device that allows you to measure fluorescent assays with GloMax®-20/20. There are two models, UV and BLUE.

Does the GloMax®-20/20 come with a Fluorescent Module or the Light Standard?

The Fluorescent Modules and the Light Standard are sold separately. You can purchase the either the Fluorescent Module or the Light Standard when you order the instrument or anytime in the future.

Is it difficult to install a GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Module?

No, the GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Module is very easy to install and remove. It is a snap-in device and takes less than one minute to install.

What software do I need on my PC?

The GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software is provided on a CD and is easy to install. You only need to have an available serial port to connect to the GloMax®-20/20. You must have MS Excel installed on your computer.

Does the instrument attach to a printer?

Yes, you can purchase an optional thermal printer and connect to the GloMax®-20/20. The data will be printed in real time.

Can I use my own printer with the GloMax®-20/20?

Yes, if the printer is a serial printer and can print maximum 80 characters. Promega also offers a thermal printer for purchase.

Does the GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software work with older versions of Windows® software?

We were able to test the GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software on Windows® XP SP2. The GloMax®-20/20 Spreadsheet Interface Software was successful in translating to MS Excel.