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Illuminate Cancer Biology

Optimized Luciferase Vectors, Low-Toxicity Transfection, Sensitive Reporter Assays and Convenient Detection Systems

The complexity of cancer systems biology requires innovative tools for interrogating the signaling pathways responsible for oncological transformation. Select each step in the workflow diagram to see how Promega integrated tools for reporter gene analysis work together to assure biologically relevant results in cancer research.

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pGL4 Vectors: Precise, Sensitive Measurement of your Pathway of Interest.

Use pre-designed vectors for a variety of important biological pathways or design your own assay with a selection of purpose-built reporter vectors.

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  • Increased reporter gene expression for sensitive detection, even at low expression levels
  • Reduced background and risk of expression artifacts due to removal of cryptic DNA regulatory elements and transcription factor binding sites.
  • Flexible detection options
  • Easy transition from transient o stable cells with a choice of mammalian selectable markers

Reduced number of consensus transcription factor binding sites for the pGL4 Vectors.

Activator/pathway Transcription factor Binding site Vector name Catalog #
Oxidative stress Nrf2 Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) pGL4.37[luc2P/ARE/Hygro] E3641
cAMP/PKA CREB Cyclic AMP Response Element pGL4.29[luc2P/CRE/Hygro] E8471
Calcium/Calcineurin NFAT Nuclear Factor of Activated T-Cells (NFAT) Response Element pGL4.30[luc2P/NFAT-RE/Hygro] E8481
NF-kB NF-kB Nuclear Factor kB Response Element pGL4.32[luc2P/NF-kB-RE/Hygro] E8491
MAP/ERK Elk-1/SRF Serum Response Element pGL4.33[luc2P/SRE/Hygro] E1340
RhoA SRF Serum Response Factor Response Element pGL4.34[luc2P/SRF-RE/Hygro] E1350
DNA damage P53 p53 response element (p53 RE) pGL4.38[luc2P/p53 RE/Hygro] E3651
Endoplasmic reticulum stress ATF6 Activating Transcription Factor 6 response element (ATF6 ERSE) pGL4.39[luc2P/ATF6 RE/Hygro] Coming Soon!
Heavy metal stress MTF1 Metal Regulatory Element (MRE) pGL4.40[luc2P/MRE/Hygro] E4131
Heat shock HSF1 Heat Shock Element (HSE) pGL4.41[luc2P/HSE/Hygro] E3751
Hypoxia Hif1α Hypoxia Response Element (HRE) pGL4.42[luc2P/HRE/Hygro] E4001
Xenobiotic stress Ahr Xenobiotic Responsive Element (XRE) pGL4.43[luc2P/XRE/Hygro] E4121
MAPK/JNK AP1 AP1 Response Element (AP1 RE) pGL4.44[luc2P/AP1 RE/Hygro] E4111
INF-α STAT1:STAT2 Interferon Stimulated Response Element (ISRE) pGL4.45[luc2P/ISRE/Hygro] E4141
IL6 STAT3:STAT3 sis-Inducible Element (SIE) pGL4.47[luc2P/SIE/Hygro] E4041
TGF-β SMAD3:SMAD4 SMAD Binding Element (SBE) pGL4.48[luc2P/SBE/Hygro] E3671
Wnt LEF-TCF TCF-LEF Response Element (TCF-LEF RE) pGL4.49[luc2P/TCF-LEF RE/Hygro] E4611
IL3 STAT5:STAT5 STAT5 Response Element (STAT5 RE) pGL4.52[luc2P/STAT5 RE/Hygro] Coming Soon!

FuGENE® HD: Low-Toxicity, Efficient Transfection of Many Cell Types.

Efficient transfection is necessary to accurately measure small biological changes, and these changes should not be masked by toxic effects from the transfection reagent. FuGENE® HD allows transfection of optimized reporter genes into many model systems with minimal impact on physiology.

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Comparison of Assay performance with Different Transfection Reagents


BaF3 murine pro-B cell lymphocytes were transfected with pGL4.32Luc2P/NFκB-RE/Hygro vector (Cat.# E849A) using the indicated transfection reagent and previously optimized conditions, and following the manufacturer's recommended protocol. Cells were transfected in a T75 flask at a density of 150,000 cells/ml. After overnight transfection, cells were harvested, counted, and resuspended in fresh growth media before plating in 96-well assay plates (90μl/well; ~90,000 cells/well). Cells were then stimulated for five hours with 10μl of 10X murine TNFα. The ONE-Glo™+Tox Luciferase Reporter and Cell Viability Assay was used according to the recommended protocol to assess reporter gene activation and to monitor cell health.

ONE-Glo™+Tox Assay: Sensitive Detection of Reporter Activity and Cell Viability in a Single Well

Luciferase activity can be detected at very low expression levels. This sensitivity and ease of detection make luciferase-based assays highly versatile and scalable for different uses.

Order ONE-Glo+Tox
  • More Data: Measure cell viability and firefly luciferase gene expression in the same assay well.
  • Better Biology: Understand reporter gene expression in the context of cell viability.
  • Easy Assay Format: Simply add reagent, mix and read.
  • Flexible and Automation-Friendly: Scale volumes to meet your throughput needs.

NF-κB inhibitor profiling studies in low-volume 384 format. TNF-α was applied for 6 hours to HEK 293 cells expressing firefly luciferase under control of the NF-κB response element. Optimal concentration of TNF-α (~EC80) was determined to be 25 ng/mL .NF-κB inhibitor profiles show dose dependent effects on NF-κB reporter gene expression, with different cytotoxicity profiles and treatment windows, following a 1 hour pre-incubation with compound.

GloMax® Instruments: Easy-to-Use Luminometers and Multimode Readers for Convenient Detection

Plate-reading luminometers and multimode readers for measurement of luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance. Preloaded with protocols and optimized for use with Promega luminescent and fluorescent assays, these luminometers, fluorometers and absorbance readers provide a seamless path from detection to results.

Learn About GloMax
  • Flexible Configuration: Modular systems that grow with your needs.
  • Luminescence, Fluorescence and Absorbance Capabilities: Read standard lab assays without compromising luminescence performance.
  • Engineered to Minimize Sample Cross-Talk: Expect reliable results in all read modes.
  • Convenient, Standalone Operation: Eliminate bottlenecks and free analysis resources.

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