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GoTaq® PCR Core System

Convenient Bundle Containing Taq Polymerase and Reagents for PCR

  • Includes GoTaq®, Mg-free Buffers, MgCl2 and PCR Nucleotide Mix
  • Direct-to-gel convenience with Green GoTaq® Flexi Buffer


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GoTaq® PCR Core System
200 reactions
$ 164.00
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The GoTaq® PCR Core System provides all the PCR-tested components you need for specific and robust PCR amplification. You just provide the DNA template and target-specific primers.  The system includes GoTaq® DNA polymerase and PCR Nucleotide Mix, along with high-performance buffers and magnesium chloride.

All components are performance-tested in PCR and are sufficient for 200 reactions. The GoTaq® PCR Core System Technical Bulletin provides simple protocols and a complete troubleshooting guide to help you optimize your reactions.

pcr-guaranteegray-circlePerformance Guarantee: Promega PCR systems, enzymes and reagents are proven in PCR to ensure reliable, high-performance results. If you are not completely satisfied with any Promega PCR product, we will send a replacement or refund your account.


What's in the box?

Item Part # Size Concentration Available Separately


A351H 1 × 1.2ml 25mM View Product

PCR Nucleotide Mix

C114G 1 × 200μl 10mM View Product

GoTaq® DNA Polymerase

M300D 1 × 250u

5X Colorless GoTaq® Flexi Buffer

M890A 2 × 1ml View Product

5X Green GoTaq® Flexi Buffer

M891A 2 × 1ml View Product

Certificate of Analysis

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For Laboratory Use. Outside of the United States, this product is intended for research use only unless otherwise stated.

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