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Long-Range PCR: GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix

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Efficiently Amplify Long DNA Amplicons

  • Optimized blend of thermostable DNA polymerases with enhanced processivity and proofreading
  • Hot-start master mix for convenient room temperature setup
  • Optimized components for enhanced yield, sensitivity and specificity


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Long-Range PCR: GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix
100 reactions
$ 311.00
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Higher Yields with Hot-Start Convenience for Longer Amplicons

The proven robust amplification using GoTaq® Polymerase is now available for long-range PCR (up to 30kb gDNA).

GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix contains the high-performance GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase in a specially formulated mixture with a proprietary thermal stable proofreading polymerase. This optimized enzyme mixture allows efficient amplification of up to 40kb from lambda DNA or 30kb from human genomic DNA. The presence of a proofreading enzyme to repair DNA mismatches and a highly processive polymerase allows the polymerase to continue to elongate the DNA much further, resulting in longer DNA amplification. The optimized formulation of the GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix components enables simple reaction setup, provides consistently accurate and robust amplification of long DNA amplicons, and is ideal for cloning genes, mutational analysis and DNA sequencing.

 GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix is supplied with a control primer pair and human genomic DNA template to perform control reactions and test template quality.         

pcr-guaranteegray-circlePerformance Guarantee: Promega PCR systems, enzymes and reagents are proven in PCR to ensure reliable, high-performance results. If you are not completely satisfied with any Promega PCR product, we will send a replacement or refund your account.

GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix (lane P) outperforms other leading long PCR products (lanes T, N, L and S) for amplification of a 17.5kb human β-globin target sequence. P: GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix; T: TaKaRa LA Taq™ Hot Start Version; N: New England BioLabs: LongAmp® Taq 2X Master Mix; L: Life Technologies: GeneAmp® XL PCR Kit; S: Sigma: JumpStart™ AccuTaq™ LA DNA Polymerase Mix; M: Lambda DNA/HindIII Markers; G171

GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix Advantages:

  • Easy Setup: Handle reactions at room temperature.
  • Enhanced Yields: Optimized components maximize results.
  • Improved Processivity: Enzyme blend provides robust amplification.
  • Assured Confidence: Includes control primer pair and gDNA template.
  • Improved Sensitivity: Amplify as little as 2ng with high specificity

Publications Using GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix


Application Target Size Citation
Sanger Sequencing Virus ~4kb Schleiss, M. et al. (2014) Molecular and biological characterization of a new isolate of guinea pig cytomegalovirus. Viruses 6, 448–476.
Illumina & Pacific Biosciences Sequencing for HLA Typing HLA Genes 4.4–12.4kb Albrecht, V. et al. (2017) Dual redundant sequencing strategy: Full-length gene characterisation of 1056 novel and confirmatory HLA alleles. HLA 90, 79–87.
Oxford Nanopore Sequencing for HLA Typing HLA Genes ~4.5kb Liu, C. et al. (2018) Accurate typing of human leukocyte antigen class I genes by Oxford Nanopore sequencingJ. Mol. Diagn. 20, 428–435.
Cloning & Sanger Sequencing Complete Plant ORF 7.8kb Steuernagel, B. et al. (2016) Rapid cloning of disease-resistance genes in plants using mutagenesis and sequence capture. Nat. Biotechnol. 334, 652-655.



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Human Genomic DNA

G304B 1 × 30μg

GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix, 2X

M402A 2 × 1.25ml

Long PCR Control Primer Pair

M412A 1 × 50μl

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