GoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase


GoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase utilizes M-MLV reverse transcriptase enzyme and state-of-the-art buffer to drive robust, reliable cDNA synthesis of a full range of rare and abundant transcripts. even with difficult templates and in the presence of PCR inhibitors. Optimized for use in qPCR, including GoTaq® Real-Time PCR Systems, GoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase can handle the most challenging templates and is resistant to PCR inhibitors.


Transcribes both high copy and low copy messages


Synthesizes cDNA in the presence of strong PCR inhibitors


Transcribes short and long transcripts


Processes through secondary structure


Available as a component of master mixes, as part of a complete system, or as a stand-alone enzyme, for easy setup of optimized reactions

GoScript™ Reverse Transcription System is a kit format and includes GoScript reverse transcriptase, reaction buffer and an optimized set of reagents, including MgCl2, dNTP Mix, Oligo(dT), Random Primers and Recombinant RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor, designed for efficient synthesis of first-strand cDNA. The components of the System can effectively reverse transcribe RNA templates starting with total RNA, poly(A)+ mRNA or synthetic transcript RNA.

GoScript™ Reverse Transcription Mix, Oligo(dT) is a convenient mix that includes an optimized set of reagents designed for efficient synthesis of first-strand cDNA. The Oligo(dT) priming initiates first-strand synthesis by annealing to the 3’ end of any polyadenylated RNA molecule. Reverse Transcription of total RNA or mRNA will yield oligo(dT)-primed products from any poly(A)+RNA. The population of cDNAs produced using this method allows many different downstream analyses from a single, reverse transcription reaction.

GoScript™ Reverse Transcription Mix, Random Primers is provided as a user-friendly mix including random primers for synthesis of first-strand cDNA, in preparation for qPCR amplification. Priming using random primers is the most general method of initiating cDNA synthesis from a variety of RNA templates. Random primers can be used to prime first-strand cDNA synthesis from all RNA molecules, including those that do not possess a poly(A)+ tail and RNA isolated from prokaryotic sources.

GoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase contains the GoScript™ M-MLV reverse transcriptase enzyme and the 5X GoScript™ Reactions Buffer.


GoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase demonstrates equal or greater sensitivity at all transcript levels

Serial dilutions of mouse RNA representing the indicated number of cells were reverse transcribed using random primers and the indicated reverse transcriptase. cDNA products then were amplified by qPCR. Data kindly provided by: Hochschule Mannheim, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, M. Ammerschläger, P. Kioschis