Reagents for Molecular Diagnostics Labs

Find Your Optimal PCR Master Mix Formulation

Use the pre-formulated PCR master mix components and your primers to survey and quickly identify the optimal PCR conditions for your application.


Dependable, PCR-tested deoxynucleotides supplied at a concentration of 100mM in water for ease-of-use in PCR and other applications. Also available in custom sizes.

GoTaq® MDx: Proven Amplification for Diagnostic Assays

GoTaq® MDx offers convenient, room-temperature setup, the yield, sensitivity and specificity of an antibody hot start, and the speed of a 2-minute enzyme activation step.

RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitors

Protect your RNA and avoid costly, disappointing results. Use high affinity RNAsin® Inhibitors for nearly instantaneous inhibition of a broad spectrum of RNases over a wide pH range.

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