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GloMax®-20/20 Luminometer Fluorescent Modules


GloMax-20/20 Fluorescent Module

The GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Modules enable measurement and analysis of common fluorophores. Two "plug-and-play" modules are available for different excitation and emission wavelengths:

  • Cat #E5361 Blue: 460 nm EX, 515-575 nm EM
  • Cat #E5351 UV: 365-395 nm EX, 440-470 nm EM


  • Snaps into the instrument sample compartment.
  • Easy to use.
  • UV and Blue configurations.
  • Data exports directly to Excel.
  • Simple calibration.

The GloMax®-20/20 Fluorescent Module easily snaps in to the sample compartment.

The Blue Fluorescent Module enables the GloMax®-20/20 to accurately measure common fluorophores including DNA Quantitation Dyes, RNA Quantitation Dyes and fluorescein. The Blue Fluorescent Module measures dsDNA from 450 pg/mL to 1 µg/mL using DNA Quantitation Dye.

GloMax-20/20 Fluorescent Module

The UV Fluorescent Module enables the GloMax®-20/20 to accurately measure common fluorophores including Hoescht Dye 32258 and 4-MU. With a wide dynamic range, the UV Fluorescent Module measures dsDNA from 10 ng/mL to 1 µg/mL using Hoescht Dye 32258. The unique detection system allows measurement of very bright samples without detector saturation.

Measure raw fluorescence of samples or obtain precise concentration measurements with a simple calibration. Measurements are taken quickly over a 5-second integration period. Low measurement volumes (100-200 µL) conserve precious samples and expensive reagents.

DNA Quantitation with the GloMax-20/20

The Fluorescent Module (Blue) used with DNA Quantitation Assay.


Dynamic Range: 5 decades
Dimensions: 2 1/2" × 1 5/8" × 1 3/8"
Weight: 4.7 OZ
Sample Compartment: Holds minimum of 100 µL and 200 µL maximum volume minicell cuvettes (P/N 7000-950)
Wavelengths: UV: Excitation: 365–395 nm; Emission: 440–470 nm
BLUE: Excitation: 460 nm; Emission: 515–575 nm
Operating Temperature: 20–35°C
Storage Temperature: 10–40°C