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Prototype Surfactant 3192 (SoluMAX)

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Novel Mass Spec-Compatible Surfactant for In-Solution Protein Extraction, Solubilization and Digestion

  • Improved protein solubilization and extraction, particularly for large, hydrophobic proteins
  • Enhanced protein digestion with trypsin at high temperatures
  • Increased peptide recovery
  • Early access material; please contact us for more information

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This product is discontinued
Prototype Surfactant 3192 (SoluMAX)

Novel Surfactant for High-Temperature Mass Spec Sample Preparation

Prototype Surfactant 3192 (SoluMAX) is a novel mass spec-compatible surfactant for in-solution protein extraction, solubilization and digestion. Prototype Surfactant 3192 rapidly denatures tightly folded proteins and maximizes protein recovery and digestion efficiency. The performance of this surfactant matches or exceeds sodium dodecylsulfonate (SDS) in protein solubilization and extraction efficiency.

All steps of the optimized protocol for Prototype Surfactant 3192 are performed at high temperature (50°C). These conditions ensure maximal protein and peptide solubilization, as well as denaturation, along with significantly enhanced protein digestion. The combination of surfactant and high temperature provides a strong improvement in protein and peptide identification and protein sequence coverage.

Protein Extraction from Tissue

Protein extraction from porcine lung tissue. Prototype Surfactant 3192 (SoluMAX) increased protein extraction from lung tissue compared to other extraction reagents, including SDS, as measured by BCA.

Peptide identification model study

Peptide identification in an E. coli proteomic study. The combination of Prototype Surfactant 3192 (SoluMAX) and high temperature provided significant  improvement in peptide identification in a model proteomic study involving an E. coli protein extract.

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