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pGEM®-luc DNA

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Cassette Vector That is the Source of the luc Gene Encoding Firefly Luciferase

  • Remove the firefly luciferase gene using the unique restriction enzyme sites
  • Use the reporter gene to analyze transcriptional activity, mRNA processing, protein structure/function, or label cells and viruses


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pGEM®-luc DNA
$ 249.00
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The pGEM®-luc Vector is a cassette vector designed to be a source of the luc gene encoding firefly luciferase, which is found in the pGL2 Luciferase Reporter Vectors. The plasmid is not intended for the expression of luciferase in eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells.

The pGEM®-luc Vector was constructed by positioning the luciferase gene (luc) in the center of the multiple cloning region of the pGEM®-11Zf(–) Vector, providing a number of unique restriction sites at both ends of the gene. Sites that are surrounded by parentheses are not unique, as additional sites for each also exist in the luciferase gene. Note also that using HindIII or NsiI to clone the luciferase gene will include upstream ATG codons, which may reduce the efficiency of expression in eukaryotes. The luciferase cassette does not contain the prokaryotic Shine-Delgarno sequence for bacterial expression.


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  3. Wood, K.V. (1990) Promega Notes 28, 1–2.

pGEM®-luc Vector GenBank® Accession Number X65316 and vector sequence text file.


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pGEM®-luc DNA

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