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Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument

Nucleic Acid Extraction for IVD and Research Use

  • Purifies 1–48 samples in a single run
  • Designed and manufactured under cGMP
  • Generates consistent, high-quality nucleic acid for use in downstream diagnostic amplification assays
  • Flexible, multi-functional software with separate RUO mode for performing extractions intended for use in research applications
  • Provides technical elements supporting 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (user authentication and authorization, data integrity and protection, electronic signatures and audit trails) when used with the appropriate laboratory workflow


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Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument
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Manufactured under cGMP

The Maxwell® CSC 48 automated nucleic acid extraction system is an in vitro diagnostic medical device specifically designed for clinical laboratories processing multiple samples for critical downstream assays. Manufactured under cGMP, the consistent performance of the Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument assures extraction of high-quality DNA or RNA from every run.

Flexible, Multipurpose Instrument

A truly versatile instrument with dual-mode software for performing extractions from IVD kits and chemistries in IVD mode, and extractions for a broad range of research applications when operated in the RUO mode.

Currently only available in Korea and the United States.


Placing deck tray in Maxwell CSC 48 Instrument
Records displayed on tablet

Maintain Electronic Records Easily

Maxwell® CSC 48 makes maintaining electronic records easy with complete tracking of every run and reports that are portable and LIMS-compatible. The instrument supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic records (user authentication and authorization, data integrity and protection, electronic signatures and audit trails) when used with the appropriate laboratory workflow.


Fewer cross-contamination worries with a paramagnetic particle mover

The Maxwell® CSC 48 Instruments are magnetic particle movers, not liquid handlers. As no liquid handling or splashing occurs during sample processing there is minimal risk of cross-contamination.

Drawing of DNA Extraction Adding and Mixing Samples
Drawing of DNA Extraction Capture and Binding

The Maxwell® CSC 48 makes it easy to set up and run samples


Dual Mode Functionality

Extract high-quality DNA/RNA for downstream diagnostic amplification assays in IVD mode or extract samples for a variety of research applications in RUO mode.

Scanning Maxwell CSC Blood DNA Kit

Track Samples Easily

The integrated bar code reader records important information such as sample ID, kit ID and kit lot number.

Running a protocol from tablet

Easy to Use

The intuitive touch screen interface lets you easily set up your purification run.

Placing deck tray in Maxwell CSC 48 Instrument

Reduce Processing Time

Place prepared cartridges in the Maxwell® CSC 48. Press “Start” to purify 1–48 samples using the selected kit’s preprogrammed method.

Maxwell® CSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Method

To run the Maxwell® CSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, you will need to load the Maxwell® CSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Method onto your Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument (Cat.# AS8000).

Download Method

Instrument Specifications

Processing Time: 40–60 minutes (depending on sample type and method)

Number of Samples: Up to 48

Weight: ~60lb (~27kg)

Dimensions: (W × D ×  H) 21 × 21 × 14 inches (533.4 × 533.4 × 355.6mm)

Power Requirements: 100–240VAC, 50/60Hz, 4A

Fuse: 250VAC, 4A, low breaking capacity, time-lag fuse (AC250V, T4AL, 5 × 20mm)

UV Bulb: Average lifetime approximately 9,000 hours, length 212.1mm, diameter 16mm, 6W, 0.17A current, 42V, spectral peak F 253.7, UV output 1.7W

Instrument Standard Components

Maxwell CSC 48 Instrument closed with tablet installed on top

A. Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument

B. Tablet PC preloaded with Maxwell® CSC 48 Application Software

C. Power Adapter for Tablet PC

D. Communication Cable for Bar Code Reader

E. Power Cord for Tablet PC (Instrument Power Cord provided separately)

F. Front and Back Deck Trays

G. Handheld Bar Code Reader

H. USB Cable: Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument to Tablet PC

Not shown: Tablet PC Holder
Not shown: Power Cord for Instrument
Not shown: UV Bulb (installed)
Not shown: Quick Start Guide and Setup Guide

Accessories Available Separately

Additional deck trays and plungers are available for purchase separately.

Service and Support

One Call Supports It All

One Call Supports It all

Promega supplies both the reagents and the instrument, so one call to Promega answers any questions you may have about assay chemistries or instrument performance.

Contact Technical Services
Ensure Minimal Instrument Downtime

Ensure Minimal Instrument Downtime

  • Field Support and Loaner Programs
  • Service Packages
  • IQ and OQ Packages
Warranty and Service Agreements

Warranty and Service Agreements

  • Backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Additional warranty and service agreements are available.
  • For more information contact Promega Technical Services.



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Use Restrictions

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. This product is only available in certain countries.

Storage Conditions


Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,721,947 and 7,891,549, European Pat. No. 2033144 and Japanese Pat. Nos. 5519276 and 5654519.

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