Instruments Categories


Microplate and single-tube fluorometers that provide high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements.

HSM 2.0 Instrument

The Heater Shaker Magnet Instrument (HSM 2.0) automates cell lysis, DNA capture and elution from large-volume samples. Can be controlled simultaneously on a robotic liquid handling workstation to fully automate sample processing.


Microplate and single-tube luminometers for quick and easy measurement of bioluminescence assays.

Maxwell® 16 Instrument for IVD Use

Automated nucleic acid extraction that complies with EU Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Maxwell® CSC System for IVD Use

The cGMP-compliant Maxwell® CSC System provides the reagents, instrumentation and services for consistent, reliable nucleic acid extraction for IVD use. This product is only available in the USA.

Microplate Readers

Available in 96-well or 6 to 384-well formats. Superior Sensitivity for Luminescence, Fluorescence, and/or Absorbance Life Science Assays.

Multimode Readers

Multimode Readers allow you to measure fluorescence intensity, luminescence or absorbance in a flexible, modular configuration.