Instruments Categories


Microplate and single-tube fluorometers that provide high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements.


Microplate and single-tube luminometers for quick and easy measurement of bioluminescence assays.

Multimode Readers

Multimode Readers allow you to measure fluorescence intensity, luminescence or absorbance in a flexible, modular configuration.

Microplate Readers

Available in 96-well or 6 to 384-well formats. Superior Sensitivity for Luminescence, Fluorescence, and/or Absorbance Life Science Assays.

Maxwell® 16 Instrument for IVD Use

Automated nucleic acid extraction that complies with EU Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Maxwell® CSC System for IVD Use

The cGMP-compliant Maxwell® CSC System provides the reagents, instrumentation and services for consistent, reliable nucleic acid extraction for IVD use. This product is only available in the USA.

HSM 2.0 Instrument

The Heater Shaker Magnet Instrument (HSM 2.0) automates cell lysis, DNA capture and elution from large-volume samples. Can be controlled simultaneously on a robotic liquid handling workstation to fully automate sample processing.

Automated Nucleic Acid Purification–Maxwell® Systems

The Maxwell® Instruments offer benchtop automation with worry-free, walk-away purification of RNA, DNA or protein from up to 16 samples. These instruments offer consistent purification and eliminate concerns about clogged tips or contaminating drips.