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DNA Analysis Promega

High-Throughput DNA Purification

Automation-friendly purification chemistries designed for high-throughput DNA extraction for applications such as biobanking, genotyping and drug discovery. Our DNA purification solutions are adaptable to your throughput needs, so please contact us if you have questions about scaling any of the products below for your automated system.

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Nucleic Acid Purified

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Maxwell® HT Viral TNA Kit, Custom

For high-throughput, automated extraction of both DNA and RNA from several types of viral samples, including serum and plasma.

Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom

Make the process of automating isolation much simpler— RNA isolation on an instrument of your choice.

Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit, Custom

For high-throughput, automated purification of circulating cell-free DNA from up to 96 samples of plasma with input volumes of 1.0–8.0ml.

ReliaPrep™ DNA Clean-Up and Concentration System

Concentrates and purifies dilute DNA samples.

A2891, A2892, A2893

Buffer A (BWA)

Component of the Maxwell HT DNA FFPE Isolation System


Maxwell® HT DNA FFPE Isolation System

High-throughput purification of DNA from FFPE samples.


ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System

Automated DNA isolation from 1-10ml blood in a convenient, scalable format.


Maxwell® HT 96 gDNA Blood Isolation System

Magnetic particle-based DNA isolation from blood and other samples in small volume, multiwell-plate format.

A2670, A2671

SV 96 Total RNA Isolation System

Automated extraction of total RNA from cells or tissues in vacuum-based, 96-well format.

Z3500, Z3505

MagneSil® Total RNA mini Isolation System

Automated purification of RNA from small blood, cell or tissue samples.


Wizard® Magnetic 96 DNA Plant System

Automated purification of DNA from leaves and seeds.

FF3760, FF3761

DNA IQ™ System

Isolates clean DNA for use in STR analysis of forensic samples.

DC6701, DC6700

Wizard® SV 96 PCR Clean-Up System

96-well, vacuum-based purification of 100bp to 10kb PCR products in 20 minutes.

A9340, A9341, A9342, A9345

Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System

Automated purification of transfection-quality plasmid DNA in 96-well format.


Wizard® SV 96 Genomic DNA Purification System

96-well, vacuum-based purification of genomic DNA from cells and tissues in 96-well format.

A2370, A2371

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