A Sensitive Easy-to-Use Fluorescent Dye for ssDNA Quantitation

QuantiFluor® ssDNA System

The QuantiFluor® ssDNA System contains a fluorescent dye that enables sensitive quantitation of small amounts of single-stranded (ssDNA) in solution. Detecting and quantitating ssDNA is useful for a variety of molecular biology research applications. These include studying ssDNA viruses, quantitating short synthetic ssDNA probes for site-directed mutagenesis, analysis of first-strand cDNAs, and quantitating bisulfate-treated DNA to study DNA methylation.

The QuantiFluor® ssDNA System Offers

  • Sensitivity: For low-concentration samples, sensitivity of the QuantiFluor® ssDNA System is significantly increased (several thousand-fold) compared to absorbance at 260nm (NanoDrop® method).
  • Less Template ssDNA Required: The QuantiFluor® ssDNA System requires less DNA (200pg) than other methods (~1 µg). You save more of your precious sample for downstream assays.
  • Ease of Use: System includes all the necessary reagents to quickly set up and quantitate ssDNA. Offers an integrated solution with instrument pairing. Sets up easily on microplate or single-tube fluorometers from Promega.


Cat #E6105 Quantus™ Fluorometer
Using Blue Channel (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 575 nm)

Cat.# GM3000 GloMax® Discover
Cat.# GM3500 Glomax® Explorer
Cat #E6070 or #E6080 GloMax®-Multi Jr
With Cat #E6071 Fluorescence Optical Kit - BLUE (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 570 nm)