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PCR Optimization Kit

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Preformulated PCR Master Mix Components to Determine Optimal PCR Amplification Conditions

  • Use this kit to build your custom, Made-to-Order 2X PCR Master Mix
  • Manufactured under cGMP for consistent, lot-to-lot PCR performance
  • Preformulated buffers cover a wide variety of PCR performance capabilities
  • Available with dUTP


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PCR Optimization Kit
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Uncover Your Assay's Award-Winning Formula

The PCR Optimization Kit contains a portfolio of preformulated, high-quality buffers (A–H) that together cover a spectrum of PCR performance capabilities for endpoint, multiplex, real-time, GC-rich and inhibitor-resistant amplifications.

The kit also contains a tube of 25mM MgCl2 solution and GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase, providing you a kit of reagents to perform a series of short experiments to quickly survey which combination of PCR buffer, MgCl2 and enzyme concentration yields optimal PCR performance specific for your assay. These products are cGMP-manufactured, providing confidence for consistent, lot-to-lot PCR performance.

The PCR Optimization Kit allows you to achieve optimized PCR performance without spending a lot of development time to get there. Once you have identified your optimal conditions, submit your specifications via the simple Made-to-Order 2X PCR Master Mix request form.

Step 1

Quickly identify your PCR assay’s optimal buffer. Perform end-point, multiplex, real-time, GC-rich, and inhibitor-resistant amplifications using the pre-formulated, high-quality, buffers with varied formulations. Determine which buffer formulation(s) works optimally for your application.

Step 2

Perform assay guard banding experiments efficiently. Using the candidate buffer formulations identified in Step 1, optimize PCR assay annealing temperature and titrate MgCl₂ and enzyme concentration to determine an amplification reaction formulation that meets your performance specifications.

Step 3

Perform robust and reliable PCR amplification assays. Tell us your reaction formulation combination and we will manufacture a made-to-order 2X PCR Master Mix using buffers, nucleotides, MgCl₂ and enzymes manufactured under cGMP to provide a master mix that performs consistently lot-to-lot.

No-Hassle Customization

Once you identify your optimal PCR formulation, seamlessly transition into daily execution of your PCR assay by continuing your work with a Made-To-Order 2X PCR Master Mix or purchase the stand-alone buffer with MgCl2 and GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase. Simply tell us what your reaction formulation is (which buffer, how much MgCl2 and enzyme you used), and we’ll make your personalized 2X PCR Master Mix*.

*Minimum order quantity required for Made-To-Order 2X PCR Master Mixes. 

These products are general purpose reagents intended for general laboratory use. They can be used as a component of molecular diagnostic assays where applicable country laws allow. Separate license or royalty payments are not required.

PCR Satisfaction Guarantee

Promega's PCR Systems, enzymes and reagents are proven in PCR to ensure reliable, high performance results. Your success is important to us. Our products are backed by a worldwide team of Technical Support scientists. Please contact them for applications or technical assistance. If you are not completely satisfied with any Promega PCR product we will send a replacement or refund your account.

That's Our PCR Guarantee!

Product must be within expiration date and have been stored and used in accordance with product literature. See Promega Product Insert for specific tests performed.

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