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PepTag® Non-Radioactive Protein Kinase Assays

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Catalog number selected: V5340

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This product is discontinued
PepTag® Non-Radioactive Protein Kinase Assays
120 reactions

Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Protein Kinase A or Protein Kinase C

The PepTag® Non-Radioactive Protein Kinase Assay Systems provide use brightly colored fluorescent peptide substrates that are highly specific for PKC (PepTag® C1 Peptide-PLSRTLSVAAK) and PKA (PepTag® A1 Peptide-LRRASLG). Phosphorylation of the peptide alters the net charge from +1 to –1, allowing phosphorylated and nonphosphorylated versions of the substrate to be rapidly separated on an agarose gel at neutral pH. Using fluorescent detection, less than 2ng of purified kinase can be detected in less than 2 hours.

Use with Purified or Partially Purified Samples

The PepTag® Systems can detect kinase activity in partially purified samples as well as purified preparations of enzymes, making it a good choice for rapid screening of column fractions or for screening kinase activators and inhibitors. In addition to the assay components, each system includes purified kinase for use as a positive control.

Low Background

Because the phosphorylation of the colored peptide supplied with the system is used to measure kinase activity, phosphorylation of other substrates occurring naturally in the sample does not add to the kinase activity measured.


What's in the box?

Item Part # Size

cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase, Catalytic Subunit

V516A 1 × 2,500u

Gel Solubilization Solution

V537A 1 × 10ml

PepTag® A1 Peptide

V538A 1 × 650μl

PepTag® PKA Reaction 5X Buffer

V539A 1 × 650μl

PKA Activator 5X Solution

V540A 1 × 650μl

Peptide Protection Solution

V572A 1 × 250μl


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