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Custom Kinase Profiling System Tool

Profiling Strip Designer

Do you like the idea of our flexible and easy-to-use Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems but don’t see the set of eight kinases and substrates that your research requires? Use this Custom Profiling Strip Designer to create a custom system that meets your research needs exactly.
  • Click on a kinase to add it to a custom system (a kinase may be selected more than once).
  • You can select ANY kinase within any system shown below. Kinases must be ordered in groups of eight.
  • You can add, remove, and change the order of kinases within your custom systems, and any system can be reset for a total redesign.
  • We will automatically provide the same substrate for your selected kinases that you would find in our Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems.

After you have built your custom system (or systems) provide your contact information and submit your request.

Ordering Information

If you create a single custom system, a minimum order of 10 systems (systems + substrates and buffers) is required. If you are ordering 2 or more custom systems, a minimum order of 5 systems for each custom system is required. The cost per system (systems + substrates and buffers) is $525.00 US.

Create Your Custom Systems

  • EGFR
  • HER2
  • HER4
  • IGF1R
  • InsR
  • KDR
  • PDGFRα
  • PDGFRβ
  • ABL1
  • BRK
  • BTK
  • CSK
  • FYN A
  • LCK
  • LYN B
  • SRC
  • AXL
  • EPHA1
  • FAK
  • ITK
  • JAK3
  • PYK2
  • SYK
  • TRKA
  • c-MER
  • FGFR1
  • FGFR2
  • FGFR4
  • FLT1
  • FMS
  • MET
  • RET
  • CHK1
  • CHK2
  • MARK1
  • MELK
  • PASK
  • PIM1
  • PKCu
  • AMPK (A1/B1/G1)
  • AMPK (A1/B1/G2)
  • AMPK (A2/B1/G1)
  • CAMK2α
  • CAMK2γ
  • CAMK4
  • DAPK1
  • STK33
  • ASK1/MAP3K5
  • HPK1
  • MINK1
  • MST1
  • NIK
  • PAK1
  • PAK3
  • TNIK
  • ALK2
  • ALK4
  • IRAK4
  • MLK2
  • RIPK2
  • TAK1-TAB1
  • TGFβR2
  • ZAK
  • AKT1
  • p70S6Kb
  • PDK1
  • PKA
  • PKC
  • PRKG1 (PKG)
  • ROCK1
  • RSK2
  • PKCα
  • PKCβ II
  • PKCδ
  • PKCε
  • PKCy
  • PKCι
  • PKCθ
  • PKCζ
  • Aurora A
  • Aurora B
  • CK2α1
  • DNA-PK
  • CK1α1
  • CK1ε
  • CK1γ1
  • VRK2
  • CDC7/DBF4
  • EIF2AK2
  • IKKβ
  • NEK2
  • NEK3
  • PLK1
  • TBK1
  • ULK1
  • ERK2
  • GSK3β
  • JNK1
  • JNK3
  • p38α
  • p38β
  • p38δ
  • p38γ
  • CDK1/CyclinA2
  • CDK2/CyclinE1
  • CDK3/CyclinE1
  • CDK5/p25
  • CDK5/p35
  • CDK6/CyclinD3
  • CDK9/Cyclin K
  • CLK3

Add kinase to:

+ Create new system

Each custom strip can contain up to 8 kinases.

Add to selected strip

Use this form to submit your custom strip order. We will contact you within 1-2 days of your submission to provide a quote.

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