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Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb


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This product is discontinued
Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb

Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP), a nuclear enzyme involved in DNA repair, is a well known substrate for caspase-3 cleavage during apoptosis. Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb is a rabbit polyclonal antibody specific for the p85 fragment of PARP in human, rat and bovine cells and tissues that results from caspase cleavage of the 116kDa intact molecule. The rabbit polyclonal antibody is affinity-purified using a peptide that corresponds to a region of the p85 fragment of PARP. The PARP immunogen is a synthetic peptide, gly-val-asp-glu-val-ala-lys (GVDEVAK), representing the N-terminus of the large C-terminal fragment of human PARP that results from caspase-3 cleavage. Each batch of antibody is quality assurance tested for use in immunostaining applications and contains sufficient antibody for 50 immunocytochemical reactions at the suggested working dilution of 1:100.

Other suggested working dilutions:

  • Western blotting (1:300 to 1:1,000)
  • Immunohistochemistry (1:50)
  • Flow cytometry

For more information, see the Protocols & Applications Guide.

Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb and TUNEL double-labeling of apoptotic Jurkat cells.

Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb and TUNEL double-labeling of apoptotic Jurkat cells.
Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb and TUNEL double-labeling of apoptotic Jurkat cells.
Cells were labeled with the Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb (red) and the DeadEnd™ Fluorometric TUNEL System (Cat.# G3250; green). The colocalization of cleaved PARP in cells containing TUNEL-positive nuclei demonstrates that the Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb specifically labels apoptotic cells. Protocols developed and performed at Promega.


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Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb

G734A 1 × 50μl


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U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,350,452 and 7,037,664.

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