Functional Bioassays

Fc Effector Bioassays

Human and mouse ADCC and ADCP reporter bioassays overcome the limitations of classic primary cell-based assays and provide a quantitative MOA-based measure of antibody Fc effector function.

Immune Checkpoint Bioassays

Antibody development requires a cell-based functional assay reflective of mechanism of action. Our immune checkpoint co-inhibitory & co-stimulatory bioassays provide quantitative and reproducible measures of Ab activity.

T-Cell Activation Bioassays

Development of bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapies requires quantitative and reproducible bioassays for measuring T-cell activation. Choose a bioassay that measures CD3-mediated T-cell activation via the NFAT or IL-2 pathways.

pH Reactive Dyes for Antibody Screening

Designed for antibody labeling and monitoring of receptor-mediated antibody internalization.