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Viral RNA Extraction Solutions for SARS-CoV-2
Available to Ship Immediately!

We offer trusted Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction solutions to help laboratories developing coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) tests and researching solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes manual extraction kits, Maxwell® instruments and cartridge-based kits for automated purification of 1-48 samples and plate-based, 96-well formats for use on high-throughput liquid handlers.

Automated Benchtop RNA Extraction

Maxwell® RSC and CSC Instruments are used together with Maxwell® Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kits to extract viral nucleic acids from up to 48 samples per run. See Application Notes for example protocols. The Maxwell® 48 Instruments and the Maxwell® Viral Total Nucleic Purification Kit are an authorized RNA extraction option for the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.


Choose the viral RNA solution that best fits your lab workflow and order today!


Automated benchtop

Up to 48 samples per run


High throughput

96-well plate extraction


Manual extraction

High-Throughput RNA Extraction

The Maxwell® HT Viral TNA Kit uses magnetic resin for easy automation and separation of nucleic acids.

  • Compatible with most robotic liquid handlers
  • Uses the same chemistry as the Maxwell® RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit for quick and easy validation
  • Can be used in manual applications
  • Field Support Scientists are available to help labs implement or optimize automation

Manual RNA Extraction

The ReliaPrep™ Viral TNA Miniprep Kit contains enough reagents for 250 extractions and can be used to successfully extract viral total nucleic acid from CSF, sputum and universal transport medium (UTM) for detection using qPCR assays. See Application Notes for example protocols.


Questions about our RNA extraction solutions? We’d love to hear from you!