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A Personal Instrument for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

The Spectrum Compact CE System is an affordable and efficient sequencer that gives you the flexibility to perform Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis in your laboratory, at your convenience.

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Take Control of Your Experiments

Sequence samples on your own benchtop with single-base-pair resolution and 6-dye fragment analysis multiplex.


Bring Sequencing Capabilities to Your Entire Team

An easy-to-use interface and plug-and-play consumables make sequencing accessible to everyone in your lab.


Sequence Samples Without the Wait

No more waiting to batch samples or depending on a sequencing service.


Get the Support You Want

To get you started, we provide on-site installation and personalized training.

Optimized for a Broad Range of Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Applications

Some examples of the applications that can be run on the Spectrum Compact CE System include:
  • Human Identification
  • Human Cell Line Identification and Authentication
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Quality Control
  • Mixed Sample and Chimerism Analysis
  • Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Analysis
  • Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA)
  • Single-nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping
  • Targeted Sanger Sequencing
  • Resequencing for Mutation Detection
  • NGS Confirmation
  • Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
  • BAC Sequencing
  • Methylation Sequencing
  • Viral Genotyping
  • Plasmid Sequencing
  • Clone Construction Verification
  • Microbial Species Identification
  • SARS-CoV-2 Identification
  • De novo Sequencing

Unlimited Support for Your Lab

We understand that your work can’t stop, and we’re dedicated to making your transition to the Spectrum Compact CE System as smooth as possible.

On-site installation, operational training and preventive maintenance are included with purchase of the instrument.

We’ll help you get your specific assays running as soon as possible with confidence. Our Scientific Applications Scientists can provide you and your team with hands-on chemistry and applications training.

Before you even purchase the Spectrum Compact CE System, you can also send your sample to our Applications Lab. Our scientists will analyze your samples so you can see what your data looks like when run on the Spectrum Compact CE System.

Want to See Spectrum Compact for Yourself?

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Plug-and-Play Prefilled Consumables

Save money and reduce reagent waste with separate plug-and-play consumables that are managed via a 2D barcode system.


A. Capillary Cartridge

  • 4-Capillary, 36cm.
  • Located behind the oven door.
  • Easily installed by snapping into place and lies flat against oven to maintain migration stability.
  • Sufficient for 1200 samples (300 injections and no hard-stops).

B. Anode Buffer Cartridge

  • Contains the buffer for the anode electrode.
  • Sufficient for 320 samples (80 injections).

C. Sample Cartridge

  • Holds up to four 8-well strip tubes for a total of 32 samples.

D. Cathode Buffer Cartridge

  • Contains the buffer for the cathode electrodes.
  • Sufficient for 320 samples (80 injections).

E. Polymer Cartridge

  • Contains the respective denaturing polymer (Polymer4 or Polymer7) for Sanger sequencing or fragment analysis.
  • Sufficient for 96 samples (24 injections). Only hard-stop is insufficient polymer.

What's Included With Your Spectrum Compact CE System Purchase?

  • Secure remote access software for instrument access via an internal network
  • Excel® workbooks for easy “Protocol” and “Strip Setup” import
  • ProView® Sequencing Software
  • Additional data analysis software options are available
  • Starter kit consumables and reagents are sold separately
  • One-year standard warranty and a one-year service agreement that includes installation, operational training, field support and preventive maintenance (limited-time promotion)
  • Reagent rental is available

Want to See It in Action?

Our scientists are ready to show you how the Spectrum Compact CE System could help with your workflow.
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Looking for More?

Explore more information on the Spectrum Compact CE System, as well as data and video resources.