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Happy Bioluminescent Customer Appreciation Week!

Thank you for all your contributions to the scientific community using bioluminescent technology. We are excited to share with you some of our featured customer's research and how this technology has impacted them.

This month we would like to offer all of our bioluminescent customers an opportunity to win prizes on social media, access to a free guide to help aid your research and additional savings for the rest of the month.

Discover How Bioluminescent Assays Can Aid Your Research

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We are humbled to be a part of your research journey. You and your lab have had an impact on advancements to the scientific community using Bioluminescent technology. This technology is used to support basic science, drug discovery, clinical research, applied markets and much more. We would like to take this week to show you our appreciation and say, thank you.

Explore what researchers are doing with bioluminescent technology!


Deborah Mai, PhD.

Chief Biological Officer at Discovery BioMed

"At Discovery BioMed (DBM), we’ve used a variety of Promega kits for a multitude of assays, but the one we’ve relied heavily on is the CellTiterGlo (CTG) reagent(s) for both 2D and 3D assays. We work in the drug discovery and development space leveraging diseased and normal human tissue-derived primary cell culture platforms, so being able to assay for cell viability is crucial to our R&D and CRO services work. The bioluminescent output is sensitive and offers a large dynamic range between positive and negative controls. The protocol is easy and fast, and it is now implemented as an end point measurement in most DBM projects."


Yang Yang-Hartwich, PhD.

Assistant Professor for the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine.

"We have been using Promega 2D and 3D CellTiter-Glo, and Caspase-Glo assays to monitor cell health in our research into new therapeutics for devastating gynecological cancers. The luciferase-based reporter assays also allowed us to further analyze the mechanism of actions of new therapeutic agents at the molecular and cellular levels. In our lab, the Promega GloMax Navigator Luminometer Microplate Reader is the most popular instrument. The Navigator produced data for all the publications from our lab. We are looking forward to exploring more new assays from Promega, particularly, based on our favorite luminescence technology."


Weibo Cai, PhD.

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of the Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Wisconsin – Madison

We have been collaborating with Promega on various technology platforms that they have developed ever since I started my independent career at UW-Madison in 2008, including HaloTag, cloning & protein expression, bioluminescence imaging, NanoLuc, IdeS Protease, plate reader, HiBiT, among others. Promega personnel has always been very knowledgeable and helpful, and the quality of their products was always up to the highest standard.


Maia Baskerville

Graduate Student in the Department of Microbial Pathogenesis at Yale University

“The Hatzios lab studies the redox effects of Helicobacter pylori on host cells during infection. Promega's GSH-Glo Glutathione Assay has helped us by streamlining our workflow and providing easily replicable results in a short amount of time.”


Priti Kumar, Ph.D


Pradeep Uchil, PhD.

Priti Kumar, Ph.D, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine/Section of Infectious Disease at Yale School of Medicine.

“We couldn’t dream of doing research like this unless we had this level of instrumentation,” said Priti Kumar. “That’s something we accomplished at Yale through teamwork.” Kumar is one of the lead authors of the SARS-CoV-2 bioluminescence study and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and of Microbial Pathogenesis."

Pradeep Uchil, Ph.D, is a Research Scientist also at the at Yale School of Medicine.

“NanoLuc changed the game for us because it was so tiny.”

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