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Promega Corporation

PowerPlex® 21 System

Forensic Grade Logo-RGB Promega forensic products are manufactured in alignment with the ISO 18385 standard. This standard ensures minimal risk of human DNA contamination for products used to collect, store and analyze biological materials for forensic purposes. Learn more.

The PowerPlex® 21 System is a multiplex STR system for human identification applications including forensic analysis, relationship testing and research use. The system allows co-amplification and fluorescent detection of 21 loci (20 STR loci and Amelogenin), including D1S1656, D2S1338, D3S1358, D5S818, D6S1043, D7...

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Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart
PowerPlex® 21 System 200 reactions
- DC8902 $ 4,892.00 Add to cart
PowerPlex® 21 System 4 × 200 reactions
- DC8942 $ 18,590.00 Add to cart

Available Separately

Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart

PowerPlex® 5C Matrix Standard

5 preps
- DG4850 $ 159.00 Add to cart

WEN Internal Lane Standard 500

- DG5001 $ 665.00 Add to cart
This product is discontinued. For a compatible replacement, see Cat.# DG5001.

CC5 Internal Lane Standard 500

- DG1521

2800M Control DNA

10ng/μl DD7101 $ 100.00 Add to cart

2800M Control DNA

0.25ng/μl DD7251 $ 78.00 Add to cart

Water, Amplification Grade

(5 × 1,250μl)
- DW0991 $ 40.00 Add to cart
SwabSolution™ Kit 100 preps
- DC8271 $ 108.00 Add to cart

PunchSolution™ Kit

100 preps
- DC9271 $ 87.00 Add to cart
5X AmpSolution™ Reagent 100 preps
- DM1231 $ 73.00 Add to cart

Storage Conditions

Store kit at –30°C to –10°C. Upon receipt, store 2800M Control DNA at 2–10°C. After first use, store WEN ILS 500 at 2–10°C; do not refreeze.

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