Genetic Identity

Genetic Identity Categories

Preprocessing and Differential Extraction

Reagents for pretreating swabs and storage card punches prior to direct amplification, for preprocessing challenging casework samples, and for easy separation of sperm and epithelial cells.

DNA Isolation

Manual and automated DNA IQ™ Kits for extracting pure, intact DNA from forensic casework and reference samples.

Automation for Genetic Identity

Automation of time-consuming steps increases sample throughput and allows DNA analysts to spend time on more exacting tasks.

Human-Specific DNA Quantitation

Real-time PCR-based systems for quantifying human genomic DNA prior to STR amplification.

STR Amplification

STR systems to amplify the expanded CODIS loci, ENFSI-recommended loci and other loci such as the low-stutter pentanucleotide markers Penta D and Penta E.


The Spectrum CE System provides state-of-the-art STR analysis functionality, increased run flexibility, user-friendly software, and the service and support you have come to trust from Promega.