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Promega Corporation

QuantiFluor® Single-Tube Fluorometers

The QuantiFluor®-ST and QuantiFluor®-P Fluorometer Instruments have been widely used laboratories worldwide for the past several years, but as of March 1, 2014, we are retiring these instrument models. They continue to offer high fluorescence sensitivity performance for customers worldwide, but we have redesigned and streamlined them into our new product, Quantus™ Fluorometer (Cat.# E6150). All QuantiFluor®-ST and QuantiFluor®-P accessories will continue to be available, as will instrument service, until March 1, 2019.

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Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart

QuantiFluor®-ST Minicell Adapter Kit (for measuring 50–250μl of sample)

400 each
- E6112 $ 697.00 Add to cart

QuantiFluor®-ST Solid Standard

1 each
- E6113 $ 188.00 Add to cart

QuantiFluor®-ST AC Adapter Replacement

1 each
- E6096 $ 127.00 Add to cart

QuantiFluor®-P Minicell Adapter Kit (for measuring 75–250μl of sample)

400 each
- E6111 $ 339.00 Add to cart

PCR Tube Adapter, QuantiFluor® Fluorometers

1 each
- E6101 $ 111.00 Add to cart

Minicell Borosilicate Glass Cuvettes

400 each
- E6091 $ 213.00 Add to cart

10 × 10mm Square Polystyrene Cuvette (3.5ml capacity)

100 each
- E6092 $ 128.00 Add to cart

10 × 10mm Square Methacrylate Cuvette (3.5ml capacity)

100 each
- E6093 $ 127.00 Add to cart

Thermal Serial Printer and Universal Power Cable

1 each
- E2821 $ 761.00 Add to cart

Thermal Printer Paper

1 each
- E2851 $ 46.00 Add to cart

0.5ml PCR Tubes

50 pack
- E4941 $ 33.00 Add to cart
0.5ml PCR Tubes 200 pack
- E4942 $ 59.00 Add to cart

QuantiFluor® Service Agreement

1 each
- SA3060 Please Enquire

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