Environmentally Preferable Products

Enabling sustainable practices in the life sciences workplace

Sustainable solutions from our lab to yours

With our growing portfolio of products, we want to make a conscious effort to help you be eco-conscious in your lab. Our environmentally preferable products use less packaging, fewer hazardous components and generate less waste. Promega products that incorporate these values are now identified with the Green Tree Logo (right) on product pages. These products can support your existing practices and empower you to discover new opportunities for advancing your sustainability efforts.

From the loading dock to the lab bench, small changes can make a big impact. At Promega, we are committed to demonstrating sustainability and corporate responsibility in all aspects of work life. These efforts branch out and benefit our workspaces and local communities, in addition to continued support for our customers on a global scale.

My Green Lab's ACT Label
Better understanding environmental impacts during purchasing is critical for scientists and procurement specialists to support sustainability. To transparently share environmental impacts, Promega is now using My Green Lab's ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label with third-party verification of the environmental impacts through the product lifecycle. Learn more about the ACT Label.

Green Chemistry
The Green Chemistry Team catalyzes the implementation of green chemistry and engineering to provide a safer work environment and mitigate environmental impacts. For over five years this team has raised awareness of the principles of green chemistry, influenced solvent selection in research, enhanced existing manufacturing processes and inspired new product development. In 2022, a process improvement project was implemented employing greener solvents and reducing waste, environmental impact factor (e-factor), and reduced hazards during manufacturing.

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The benefits of going green

Promega offers a variety of environmentally preferable products, now recognizable by the Green Tree Logo on the product pages. From our formulation chemistries to our packaging, we’ve taken care to find ways to lower the environmental impact of our products, as well as lowered costs for you.


Less Hazardous

  • Eliminates hazardous organic solvents
  • No BME, chloroform, phenol, xylene
  • No organic extractions
  • No odor-causing compounds
  • No animal-derived components
  • RoHS 2 Compliance

Less Packaging

  • Avoids dry/gel ice and foam coolers with ambient shipping
  • Shipments with fewer bottles and bulk options
  • Custom sizing to further reduce packaging
  • No printed protocols

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Less Waste

  • Enhanced stability allows for repeated use over long experiments to avoid multiple solutions
  • Bulk kits and custom sizing to reduce excess reagents
  • Multiplexing assays to minimize plastic ware
  • No printed protocols
  • Propagation model uses fewer vials and offers single cell shipment

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Find your environmentally preferable products

We offer greener solutions for multiple applications. Environmentally preferable products are available for bioassays, cell health, genetic identity, genomics, reporter assays and transfection. Check back soon as we update product pages with the Green Tree Logo, along with more information to feature existing greener attributes.

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Use the Helix on-site stocking program to consolidate shipments and have the products you need on hand at all time. In addition to the reduced impacts during shipping, Promega also purchases carbon offsets for 100% of emissions from the Helix program.

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Custom Solutions

Learn how Promega Custom Capabilities can reduce packaging, improve your workflow, or provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Custom Solutions

Learn how Promega Custom Capabilities can reduce packaging, improve your workflow, or provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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