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Maximize Your Assay Performance with GloMax Plate Readers

20% off through 12/31/22


Get Your Tumbler Today!

Want to know how you can get a free Glow More tumbler? Here are two ways to acquire one:

  • Host a GloMax demo in your lab - in-person or virtually!
  • Purchase a GloMax instrument
Terms and conditions apply. See below for details.



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These instruments provide a range of options for your throughput needs, from simple luminescence detection to advanced plate readers with luminescence, fluorescence, UV-Visible absorbance, BRET and FRET, filtered luminescence and kinetic measurement capabilities.

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Promega helped our lab scale up drug discovery for bloodborne pathogens. Our most recent endeavor is a medium-low throughput robotic screening pipeline which compares conditionally-activated or-repressed parasites against our dose-response drug libraries in 384-well format assays.
Sebastien Smick, Research Technician in Dr. Jacquin Niles’ laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Questions and Answers


Q: What instrument is right for my lab?
A: Key features to evaluate when choosing a luminescence, fluorescence or absorbance detection system include throughput needs (how many assays will you run?), flexibility (what types of assays will you be running?), portability (where will you be using the instrument?) and ease of use (how much set-up and training is required?).


Q: What types of service and support will I receive?
A: We supply both the reagents and the instrument, so one call to Promega answers any questions you may have about assay chemistries or instrument performance. All GloMax® plate readers come with integrated software that makes data analysis easy and are preloaded with protocols that allow you to run assays at the touch of a button.


Q: With shipping delays, when I will get my instrument?
GloMax Plate Readers ships within 2 business days of purchase and reagents ship within 24 hours of purchase during business days. We are proud that over 4000 of our products are in stock and ready to ship.

Try GloMax Instruments In Your Lab

When you request a demo you get a customized experience to fit your needs and workflow. This demo will be guided by one of our experts who will show you how to use, clean and maintain the instrument. We also offer virtual demonstration.
Request a Demo

Helping Researchers Analyze Luminescence and Fluorescence Data

Promega is celebrating 30 years of supporting customers with luminescent assays and plate readers that enable these assays. Explore a timeline of 30 years of bioluminescent discovery, innovation and research.
Learn MoreExplore 30 Years and Glo-ing

Study science in Real Time using GloMax with assays designed for long-term kinetics.

Live-cell kinetic assays are detection reagents that allow the same sample well to be repeatedly measured over multiple time points using a standard luminometer. This saves you time and effort, enabling you to collect more informative data in real time. Learn how you can get better quantitative data without cumbersome multi-plate setups or expensive, low-throughput instruments. Promega offers assays to detect cell health parameters, target engagement, reporter expression, targeted protein degradation and more with real-time, live cell assays compatible with the GloMax instruments..
Get Data in Real Time

Create the Perfect Pair with GloMax® Discover and Cytokine Assays

The GloMax® Discover has built-in non-linear regression programs and can rapidly interpolate unknown data without having to transfer data and analyze with commercial programs. The interpolated concentrations are conveniently displayed directly on the same image as the RLUs. Templates can be set up for a specific calibration curve and a particular method of interpolation, significantly improving efficiency.
Create the Perfect Pair

*Reference GLOMORE22 in your conversation with a Promega representative to receive 20% off Promega list price for the following catalog numbers: GM2000, GM2010, GM3500, GM3510, GM3000, E5331, E5311, E5321. The promotion does not stack with other offers, discounts or previously quoted pricing. The promotion is effective from 9/1/2022 through 12/31/2022. Purchase must be made by 3/31/2023 to qualify for discount.

Mug: To qualify for a mug, you have to host a Glomax demonstration in your lab in person, or attend a demonstration virtually, or if you purchase a GloMax Instrument between 10/1/22-3/31/23. One mug per customer per lab. For US customers only. Offer ends, March 31st, 2023 or while supplies last