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Create a Sustainable Lab By Partnering with Promega !

Don't worry, becoming more sustainable doesn't require a major overhaul - there are actually many small but impactful ways you can improve the carbon footprint of your lab.

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Create a Sustainable Lab

Promega places great emphasis on preserving the environment, investing in sustainable construction of new buildings and striving to steadily reduce CO2 emissions from all processes. Improving product packaging can also contribute to environmental protection.

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Out with the Old, in with the New

We were able to make our packaging materials more sustainable by streamlining our labeling system to use less paper and reengineering the box to be more efficiently designed. Less paperboard, ink, and adhesive, makes for a happier planet.

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Corporate Mind

Exploration of Solutions

This is the first corporate pledge to a recently launched fund designed to identify and develop advanced techniques for genetic rescue and bring new tools to conservation work to enhance biodiversity. Our company was drawn to the work of Revive & Restore because the organization’s founders and scientists are systems thinkers who take an extremely long-term view of wildlife conservation.

Sustainability Spotlight

These individuals worked to make their lab more sustainable. Want to be featured?
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Ian Nicastro

The University of California – San Diego

According to Allison Paradise, CEO of My Green Lab, Ian has put out some "outstanding" efforts to implement sustainable practices in the lab. Learn more about Ian's sustainability efforts.

Ian Nicastro My Green Labs

Did you know?

On-site stocking helps save the environment through consolidated shipments, efficient restocking plans and reduced packaging.

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Environmental Impact

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