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Light up the future

using CRISPR to knock in Promega bioluminescent tags.

Take on undruggable proteins.
Avoid overexpression artifacts.
Remove the limitations of classic epitope tagging.
Go from editing to assaying biology in as little as 24 hours.

Accelerate your research and light up the future.


CRISPR HiBIT fusion cell lines and clones

Promega R&D has developed and characterized HiBiT fusions for several targets and backgrounds.  Click Request next to the cell line of interest and we'll reach out to discuss purchase options.

View Cell-Lines and Clones
Locus Knock-In Orientation Parental Cell Line
ADRB2 HiBiT N-terminal HEK293 Request
ANKRD37 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
AXL HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
BNIP3 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
BRD2 HiBiT N-terminal HEK293 + LgBiT Request
BRD4 HiBiT N-terminal HEK293 + LgBiT Request
BRD4 NanoLuc N-terminal HEK293 Request
BRD7 HiBit C-terminal HEK293 LgBiT Request
BRD9 HiBit C-terminal HEK293 LgBiT Request
CASP3 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
CDK1 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK2 NanoLuc C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK4 NanoLuc N-terminal K562 Request
CDK6 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK6 NanoLuc N-terminal K562 Request
CDK12 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK13 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK16 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CDK17 HiBiT C-terminal HEK293 Request
CFL1 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
cMyc HiBiT C-terminal MV4;11 Request
CTNNB1 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
EGFR HiBiT N-terminal HeLa Request
EZR HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
FOS HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
GSK3B HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
GSK3B HiBiT C-terminal Jurkat Request
HDAC2 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
HIF1A HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
HILPDA HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
IRAK3 NanoLuc N-terminal THP1 Request
IRAK4 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
IRAK4 HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
JAK2(V617F) Nluc C-terminal Hel92.1.7 Request
JUN HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
KLF10 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
MAP4K1(HPK1) NanoLuc N-terminal Jurkat Request
MAPK8 HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
MAPK14 NanoLuc C-terminal HEK293 Request
PLCG1 HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
PRKCA HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request
PTK2 HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
RIPK1 HiBiT C-terminal K562 Request
RIPK1 HiBiT C-terminal HeLa Request

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