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Explore a New Dimension in Research

Take your research to new dimensions with Promega’s assays optimized and validated for 3D cell cultures

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A 3D Experience for your Lab​

Explore cell health assays with validated and optimized protocols for 3D cell culture.

Cell Viability Assays
Cytotoxicity Assays

NEW! LDH-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay

Simple, More Sensitive LDH-based Method to Determine Cytotoxicity

  • Detects LDH release from small numbers of cells, including 3D cell models
  • Monitors cytotoxicity from the same sample over time
  • Provides more data per well through multiplexing with other cell-based assays
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Caspase – Glo® 3/7 Assay

Apoptosis Detection with Unmatched Speed and Sensitivity

  • Optimized for use with 3D cultures with extended shaking time
  • Simple add-mix-measure protocol—no sample preparation
  • Easily scalable to 96-, 384- and 1,536-well plate formats
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RealTime- Glo™ Annexin V Assay

Simple, Plate-Based Assay for Real-Time Apoptosis Detection

  • No-wash, one-step Annexin V binding assay
  • Non-lytic. Allows continual monitoring of cell state to accurately determine apoptotic onset
  • Scalable for high-throughput 3D screening applications
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Autophagy Assay​
Energy Metabolism Assays​

NAD/NADH-Glo™ and NADP/NADPH-Glo™ Assays

Direct and Sensitive Detection of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotides

  • Highly sensitive and rapid bioluminescent assay
  • Evaluate oxidative state of cells in 3D cultures
  • Easily adapted for high-throughput format
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Energy Metabolite Assays

Sensitive, Simple Bioluminescent Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate and Glutamine Assays

  • Quickly Measure Metabolites in a Variety of Sample Types
  • Detect small changes over time
  • Use to monitor glycolysis in 3D cultures
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    ROS-Glo™ H2O2 Assay

    Monitor H2O2 levels to monitor cellular oxidative stress

    • Fast assay involves a simple two-reagent-addition protocol
    • Substrate reacts directly with H2O2; no need for HRP as a coupling enzyme
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    GSH/GSSG-Glo™ Assay

    Measure physiologically relevant GSH/GSSG ratios. Detect and quantify total and reduced glutathione ratios as an indicator of oxidative stress.

    • Substrate reacts directly with H2O2; no need for HRP as a coupling enzyme
    • Measure physiologically relevant GSH/GSSG ratios
    • Simple protocol minimizes sample preparation
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