Scalable Viral RNA Extraction Solutions

Promega offers automated and manual viral RNA extraction reagents and systems to support laboratories developing assays and researching viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, orthopox, monkeypox and polio, as well those that are emerging.

Our scalable nucleic acid extraction solutions accommodate a wide range of sample throughput needs, from single samples to high-volume processing with liquid handling robotic systems. Additionally, we offer consultative support to help labs implement or customize their sample extraction workflow.

Viral RNA Extraction Solutions for All Sample Throughput Needs


Automated benchtop

Up to 48 samples per run


High throughput

96-well plate extraction


Manual extraction

Automated Benchtop Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction

Maxwell® RSC and CSC Instruments are used together with Maxwell® Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kits to extract viral nucleic acids from up to 48 samples per run. See the Application Notes provided below for example protocols.

Maxwell Instruments and Kits for automated purification of viral nucleic acids

High-throughput Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction

When you’re facing a sudden spike in sample throughput demand combined with unprecedented urgency, the challenges of scaling up nucleic acid isolation can often become overwhelming. If you are new to automation, pressed for time or need help choosing and adapting a viral nucleic acid purification chemistry, we can help.

Promega Field Support Scientists (FSS) are available to help labs implement or optimize automation of viral RNA extraction methods, regardless of the instrumentation platform used.

Our goal is to help you get up and running—and processing samples— faster.

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Automation Support for Any Liquid Handling System

We can help you develop and implement an automated nucleic acid purification solution on the instrumentation platform of your choice and customize the workflow to the needs of your laboratory. See the Application Notes below for example protocols with various liquid handlers.

“We can answer questions about any instrument and application based on our experiences with the different platforms available in the market.”
Kevin Kershner, Sr. Manager of Promega Field Support Scientists (FSS).

Expert Support to Speed Viral Sample Processing

Configuring the Instrument Deck
Configuring the deck of a liquid handler
Optimizing the Assay Chemistry
Promega scientists optimize purification chemistries on liquid handlers
Programming the Instrument
Promega services include helping customers program and set up methods on liquid handling systems

To set up a new automated nucleic acid purification system or scale an existing workflow successfully, the chemistry and liquid handler must be perfectly integrated. We provide chemistry and instrumentation expertise, as well as access to R&D or applications experts who will work with you to configure your instrument and optimize the chemistry to meet your needs.

Learn more about flexible automation solutions for COVID 19 research.

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Simplifying HT Nucleic Acid Purification with Expert Automation Support

A sudden increase in sample volume often involves implementing or adapting an automated workflow. Join Bats Mutamba, Field Support Scientist for an overview of purification options for every scale.

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Manual Viral Nucleic Acid Purification

ReliaPrep™ Viral TNA Miniprep Kit, Custom

The ReliaPrep™ Viral TNA Miniprep Kit uses spin columns for rapid centrifugation-based processing of viral samples. See the Application Notes provided below for example protocols.

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Maxwell® HT Viral TNA Kit, Custom

The Maxwell® HT Viral TNA Kit uses magnetic resin for easy automation and separation using robotic liquid handlers. The kit can also be used for manual purification in multiwell plates. See the Application Notes provided below for example protocols.

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