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pARTners: Three Couples Share Their Creativity at the Promega Spring Art Showcase

Madison, WI USA. (March 3, 2020)

The Promega Spring Art Showcase presents ‘pARTners’ and will feature the artwork of three couples. The show will emphasize how collaboration and the bond of their relationships has shaped them into the artists they have become today. Their artwork has not only grown and evolved over the course of their relationships, but each partnership has been enriched as a result of their love for the arts.

Exhibiting Artists will include:
Theresa Abel & Tim O’Neill; Anette Hansen & Andy Rubin; and Cynthia Quinn & John Ribble.

Artists will tell the stories of their creative process and the inspiration behind their work during a symposium on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm, followed by an opening reception from 4:30 - 6:30 pm at the Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, 5445 E Cheryl Parkway in Fitchburg. Both events are free and open to the public.

  • Theresa Abel and Tim O’Neill are Wisconsin artists who split their time between their gallery, Abel Contemporary and their Madison based studios. Abel works in oil paint, silver point drawing and gilding, incorporating compositions that blur the lines between modernism and medieval. Her work tells stories with figures and elaborate patterns which draw heavily from her background growing up in the Catholic church as well as her strong interest in art history, particularly medieval Italian paintings.

    Tim O’Neill creates one of a kind furniture pieces with an elevated level of craftsmanship blended with a refined modern design which he combines with solid woods and highly figured veneers. O’Neill’s interest in anthropology and archeology has led to his research in historical artwork of the Mayan culture, African textiles as well as Chinese sculpture and enamel work. This exploration has facilitated his creation of a body of work using traditional woodworking techniques such as carving and burning.

  • Anette Hansen and Andy Rubin have been key players in the Madison art scene for decades. Rubin, as a master printmaker, and Hansen as a photographer and ceramicist. For this show, Hansen will exhibit photography and her stunning ceramics. She forms crisp, mid-century modern vessels with soothing colors schemes and vibrant glazes.

    Andy Rubin worked as a Master Printer for an extensive tenure (1989-2015) at the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s prestigious Tandem Press and currently teaches printmaking in the UW-Madison Printmaking Department. Rubin’s recent interest has been illustrating history and time as it reflects in our own lives and culture. Inspired by the American abstraction artists from the 1940-1950’s, Rubin manipulates and prints over historical images, re-contextualizing them to “reflect the human condition…our impact on the environment, how we relate emotionally, even how time wears down and changes the way we perceive the world."

  • Married since 1981, Cynthia Quinn and John Ribble are accomplished Wisconsin artists. Both have extensive careers as graphic artists, designers and instructors. Cynthia owned a graphic design business for several years and John was an instructor in the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Madison College for 32 years. When the couple’s home studio was in the midst of a 6-month remodel, Quinn began experimenting with textiles and hand-embroidery and found she could work practically anywhere and needed very little space. Once their studio was up and running, Quinn realized that by becoming so engrossed in textile artmaking, it had unexpectedly shifted her process as an artist, rejuvenating her to make art through a different lens. Using whimsical texture, embroidery threads, beads, and hand-dyed fabrics, Quinn adds a whole new dimension to her vocabulary of expression and states “I don’t intend to leave drawing and painting behind. I feel hand-stitching is akin to drawing; mark making but with thread. I also have found ways to incorporate painting into my pieces. As always, inspiration flows from the natural world and never ceases to provide creative ideas.”

    While teaching at Madison College, John Ribble was lured into the world of landscape painting by a colleague and collectively went on many plein air adventures into western and southern Dane County and beyond. Ribble began painting his plein air (a French term for working in “the open air”) landscapes in oil but transitioned to pastels, staying with the medium ever since, working exclusively in plein air for the past 25 years. The medium of pastel can “manifest itself as either drawing or painting and the experience of working in pure color is exhilarating and complex”, a combination Ribble relishes. Ribble believes that landscape painting is a conduit to a common experience shared by all of us and that the relationship between the sky, the land and water is as rudimentary as our passage through time and finds great inspiration working outside and on location. Ribble is always invested in telling a good story...and the land offers boundless opportunities. It is Ribble’s hope that those who experience his paintings will connect with an authentic sense of time and place and embrace a more focused appreciation for the abundant beauty of the land around us.

The Spring Art Showcase runs from Tuesday, March 10, 2020 through June 1, 2020. The exhibit is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and is made possible through support from Promega Corporation. The Fall Art Showcase is curated and produced by Daniel Swadener.

For more information about the Promega Art Showcase visit; www.promega-artshow.com.
For future art show announcements, submit your name and email address to: artshow@promega.com.

Theresa Abel Love hate And Sorrow Promega Spring Art Show

Love, Hate, and Sorrow
oil and gold leaf on panel
48 x 52 1/2″
Theresa Abel

Holl Table by T. O'Neill Promega Spring Art Show

Holl Table
white ash, pommele sapele, burnt rough sewn poplar
35 x 47 x 15
Tim O’Neill

Leaf and 2 Bowls by A. Hansen Promega Spring Art Show

Leaf and Two Bowls
Anette Hansen

Fools Pillars by Andy Rubin. Promega Spring Art Show

Fools Pillars
monoprint and birch bark collage
18” x 24”
Andy Rubin

Foraging Crow by C. Quinn. Promega Spring Art show

Foraging Crow
Hand-stitching and embroidery
Cynthia Quinn

John Ribble Promega Spring Art Show

John Ribble

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