2016 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility

2015 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

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Corporate Responsibility

For more than 30 years, Promega has consistently integrated the values of corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices into all aspects of our corporate culture and activity. We realize that our success depends upon the sustainable connections we forge among our people, the natural environment and the communities where we work.

Here you will find the stories, data and activities that we have engaged in on our journey to live a vision of corporate responsibility. Read about our sustainability practices, how we support our internal and local communities and our outreach activities. You can download the full reports as PDF files or browse through this website to find the items that most interest you.

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Photo of William Linton William A. Linton signature
William A. Linton, Chairman & CEO

“As we review, measure and report on our practices and conservation of 2015, we are reminded that our Corporate Responsibility contributes not only to people, planet and profits; it cultivates potential.”