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Casework Direct System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
DC4560, DC4561

Literature # TMD067

The Casework Direct System is used for rapid processing of swabs from casework samples, cuttings of sexual assault swabs or stained clothing prior to quantification of human DNA using either the PowerQuant® System or Plexor® HY System, and amplification of normalized template using PowerPlex® Systems for human STR genotyping. The Casework Direct System generates a lysate with a single incubation step, significantly reducing sample processing time and manipulations of the sample. For casework samples, no subsequent purification of the Casework Direct Solution Lysate is required prior to STR amplification unless internal PCR control (IPC) data from the PowerQuant® System or Plexor® HY System indicate the presence of possible PCR inhibitors. In this case, sample cleanup can be performed using the DNA IQ™ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell® 16 on the Maxwell® 16 Forensic Instrument, or the Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit on the Maxwell® FSC Instrument or the Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument. Sample processing decisions in Y-screening applications are facilitated by the Y quantification result and Auto/Y ratio.

Summary of Changes
The following changes were made to the 7/20 revision of this document:
1. Table 2 was revised to add a 300μl option.
2. A sentence added after Tables 5 and 6 extending the table information to additional kits.
3. Tables 7 and 8 were revised to specify PowerPlex® Y23.

Revised 7/20